Ledger Nano S

Good evening everybody,

Just got involved with this great platform and I’m wondering does Ledger Nano S have an update coming soon to support Cardano? I have all of it on an exchange but want to get it over to cold storage ASAP.

Are there other options for cold storage for Cardano?

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First step is to get it into the daedalus desktop wallet…Ledger nano s support should be completed in the next couple of months

They are still working on it. It’s a big thing they are cooperating with Metalair to realize this goal.

“The project is progressing to add further integration with Daedalus. This will allow Ledger wallet users to benefit from all the features of the Daedalus wallet.
This means Cardano users will be able to hold their Ada offline, through the convenient and highly secure means of cold storage.”


Besides Ledgee Nano S and Trezor there will be the FINNEY smartphone by SIRIN labs. The phone will be released with a built-in cold storage HW wallet.


$999 price is the only concern for now :slight_smile: Imo, SIRIN partnership is an awesome step toward the adoption, but not exactly a help for the “developing world” :slight_smile: Still very much great work ahead in this direction


Yes, but imagine the implications if apple fanboys who are into crypto start trading up their iphones for finneys. If sirin can secure a decent market share the rest will have to follow. Smartphones are the fastest way to mass adoption for blockchain (in my opinion), even in developing countries there are lots of people using smartphones and the number will keep increasing.

For reference you could check out this Smartphone penetration list.

In Venezuela 36% of the population has a smartphone. And it’s a great sandbox for blockchain tech. Some of the african countries in 2016 had ~ 20% penetration. The numbers for 2018 will be significantly higher.

I have asked around in the sirinlabs telegram chat and they will be opening stores in African countries.

More market share will mean lower cost for making next iterations of the finney so i expect to see smartphones running on blockchain tech become increasingly more affordable. For now this is all a big experiment to see if the tech can support the innovations, time will tell.


:grinning:love it… Apple fanboys!

Some more info on the Finney which has cold storage… https://youtu.be/cx5w33Wjmz8


FINNEY™ smart devices will create an independent blockchain network using a distributed ledger consensus mechanism. This enables fast payments between the network peers without the need for mining (fee-less).

Doesn’t sound incompatible with how Cardano SL works. This should be very interesting to see once released.

I’m wondering what “Sirin OS” is - Linux or some microkernel based OS?