Limited Cardano Pools?

Hi Community

I read somewhere there i a limit number of cardano pools to 1008? Is that true or is there no limit and everyone who is able to run a pool can pool and hope pps are delegating?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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There is no limit to the number of pools.
There will be a factor (k) which will be used to determine the “saturation” level. It is widely expected to be around 1000. With 32billion ADA staked, saturation would be .001 of that or ~32 million so if the ADA staked to your pool in excess of that , your rewards would go down.

Hi Miner thank you for the fast reply. I see so now it makes sense. So for the delegaters its more attractive to delegate to “smaller” pools but eith a larger reward even if the big pools validate more.

On the big pools if they get 10000 reward
if it is split over 32000000 stake = .000312500 reward per ada
if it is spilt over 35000000 stake = .000285714 rewaard per ada
or smaller pool
if it is split over 15000000 stake = .000666666