List of CatalystFUND10 1000proposals classified by 'beneficiaries' 🎉

We have forced the proposals to be categorised by the following 10 target groups! For example, in the case of a proposal to create a developer tool, “developers/researchers” are the beneficiaries of the proposal.

The classification is basically done by the community based on their impression of the proposal title, so don’t expect too much accuracy.

Vote for more than 100 proposals!

List of must-read proposals and how to vote on multiple proposals efficientlyー List of [60 - must-read proposals]+[78 - proven proposals] - Creating products that are widely used in the Cardano ecosystem 🎉 - #4 by AdaTruth

How do you use them?

First, prioritize the 10 types of beneficiaries.

For proposals that relate to the highest priority beneficiaries, you will look for proposals that you will actively vote for.
For proposals related to the lowest priority beneficiaries, you look for proposals to ignore or to actively vote against if you strongly believe that Catalyst funds should not be used.

I will also make good use of this list and aim for over 1000 votes!:fire:

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