List of [60 - must-read proposals]+[78 - proven proposals] - Creating products that are widely used in the Cardano ecosystem 🎉

:1st_place_medal: = 60 - must-read proposals (1) Creating products that are widely used in the Cardano ecosystem (2) Completely open source (3) Widely used by developers, etc. Strong in the nature of infrastructure :tada:

:2nd_place_medal: = 78 - proven proposals (1) Creating products that are widely used in the Cardano ecosystem (2) but Items that did not meet the criteria of :1st_place_medal:

:jp: = Japan related. (There is no particular reason for this flag.:ok_hand:)

Words to search in the Catalyst app
Proposal name (:1st_place_medal:=Carefully selected proposals :2nd_place_medal:=Proven proposals :jp:=Japan-related proposals)
提案名(:1st_place_medal:=厳選提案 :2nd_place_medal:=実力実証済提案 :jp:=日本関連提案)
$conrad .1-:1st_place_medal:Decentralized Minting ADA Handle
.2-:1st_place_medal:The Handle Marketplace ADA Handle
Catalyst Rider .1-:2nd_place_medal:Token Verification Alliance
.2-:1st_place_medal:Open-Source On-Chain DAO Governance
.3-:1st_place_medal:Open-Source database synchronization SDK
.4-:1st_place_medal:NFT Staking Smart Contracts Audit
.5-:1st_place_medal:NFT Staking Smart Contracts
Catalyst Team .1-:1st_place_medal:Catalyst Fund Operations by IOG Catalyst Team
.2-:1st_place_medal:IOG Catalyst Team : Catalyst Ecosystem Accelerator (Hermes Core architecture development)
.3-:1st_place_medal:IOG Catalyst Team : Ideascale replacement and web-browser based Voting Centre with liquid democracy aka “Catalyst Voices”
Dan Gonzalez .1-:2nd_place_medal:Sundae Labs Automated Price Discovery
.2-:2nd_place_medal:SundaeSwap Aiken Smart Contracts
.3-:1st_place_medal:Sundae Governance + Atala Prism Integration
.4-:1st_place_medal:Sorbet Wallet Debugger, by Sundae Labs
.5-:1st_place_medal:Sundae Labs Hydra Transaction Stream Plugin
.6-:1st_place_medal:Sundae Labs Hydra Ledger-only Mode
.7-:1st_place_medal:SundaeSwap Smart Contract Audit
Dmitry Stashenko - Open Source Cardano Blockchain Explorer
.2-:2nd_place_medal:AdaStat Cardano Explorer for Pre-prod and Preview test networks
Federico Weill .1-:1st_place_medal:Pallas - Open-source maintainer
Joachim Zahnentferner .1-:1st_place_medal:Anastasia Labs - The Trifecta of Data Structures: Merkle Trees, Tries, and Linked Lists for Cutting-Edge Contracts
Jonathan Rodriguez .1-:1st_place_medal:Anastasia Labs - The Trifecta of Data Structures: Merkle Trees, Tries, and Linked Lists for Cutting-Edge Contracts
Koios Core Team .1-:1st_place_medal:Koios Evolution: Enhancements, Infra Support & Maintenance
.2-:1st_place_medal:Koios SPO Tools development (CNTools, gLiveView, topologyUpdater)
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Empowering Koios: Cultivating a Self-Sustaining Infrastructure Through Strategic Incentives
Lenfi Official .1-:1st_place_medal:Lenfi V2 Aiken Audit + Bug Bounty
Martin Lang .1-:1st_place_medal:StakePoolOperator Scripts (SPO Scripts) - New Features / Updates
Martin Simonovic .1-:1st_place_medal:Message signing for Trezor and Ledger (CIP-8, CIP30)
Matias Falcone .1-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Open Source POAP in Cardano
micah Kendall .1-:1st_place_medal:Anastasia Labs - Smart Beacons, Router NFTs
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Invoicing SDK
mike .1-:1st_place_medal:Open source and sustain for 1 year
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Marlowe Hub: Unifying Platform for Marlowe Smart Contracts, Oracles, and Mediators, Auditors and Developers
MuesliSwap Team .1-:1st_place_medal:Cardano DEX Protocol with DIDs Layer
.2-:1st_place_medal:DAO Governance x Atala PRISM - By MuesliSwap
.3-:1st_place_medal:DAO Treasury & Protocol Parameter Management via On-Chain Governance - By MuesliSwap
.4-:1st_place_medal:Simple Node Sharing on Cardano
.5-:1st_place_medal:Open Transaction Chaining tooling to speed up Cardano dApps - By MuesliSwap
.6-:1st_place_medal:Market Making and High Frequency Trading on Cardano
.7-:2nd_place_medal:Efficient atomic cross chain swaps between Cardano and other blockchains
.8-:2nd_place_medal:Liquidity Efficient DEX Models for Cardano
nick .1-:2nd_place_medal:Reusable Identity Verification and Governance Framework Template
Patrick Tobler .1-:2nd_place_medal:Framework for Authenticity Verification of Tokenized Real-World Assets based on Atala Prism
.2-:2nd_place_medal:dRepWatch - A transparency web platform for dReps
Peter Hucik .1-:2nd_place_medal:A Perpetual DEX on Milkomeda usable directly from Cardano - open leveraged positions in a dApp while needing only your Cardano wallet
Phil Isenmann .1-:1st_place_medal:Help NMKR to continue operations & develop NFT Infrastructure
philipdisarro .1-:1st_place_medal:Anastasia Labs - Streamlining Development: A User-Friendly Smart Contract Library for Plutarch and Aiken Design Patterns & Efficiency
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Audit for Open-source LBE for DAOs
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Anastasia Labs - Open Source Production Grade DApps
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Cardano Tax & Accounting Tool
Robert Phair .1-:1st_place_medal:Community CIP Editor: 1 year budget (continued)
Rokindo .1-:2nd_place_medal:Open-Source Ledger Nano X Flutter SDK and VESPR Wallet Integration
.2-:2nd_place_medal:VESPR Wallet: Security Audit / Penetration Test
.3-:2nd_place_medal:VESPR Wallet: Advanced Native Token Dashboard and Token Transactions Filter
Ruslan Makhlouf .1-:2nd_place_medal:Open-Source Blockfrost Deployment Images
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Cardano NFT Integration in Fighting Card Game, Uppercut
Santiago Carmuega .1-:1st_place_medal:Marlowe Runtime SDKs
.2-:1st_place_medal:Scrolls - Develop and deploy Custom GraphQL chain indexes
.3-:1st_place_medal:Dolos - A step closer to a Rust node - Phase-1 Validations
.4-:1st_place_medal:Decentralized - Federated Frontend Hosting - New revenue stream for SPOs
.5-:2nd_place_medal:Marlowe - Decentralized Oracle Integration
.6-:2nd_place_medal:Mithril - Open-source contributor
sdelaney .1-:1st_place_medal:CIP 68 Royalty Standard & Developer Resources
Shawn Roller .1-:1st_place_medal:CardanoShield: Protecting Cardano Wallet Users
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Enhancing Access to Token and NFT Analytics: Proposal for Upgrading Wallet Analytics Functionality
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Integrated Wallet Media Player: Enhancing Accessibility and Convenience
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Breaking Language Barriers: A Proposal for Expanding Global Accessibility through Comprehensive Language Support
Smaug Visual Explorer - Open Source Improved Reboot towards a sustainable community innovation platform
Strica .1-:1st_place_medal:Introducing Cardano Laboratory: A Development and Testing Environment for Cardano
.2-:1st_place_medal:Upgrade Cardano wallet js for Babbage
.3-:1st_place_medal:Ledger Live Integration Maintenance
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Typhon Wallet Mobile App Maintenance
Five Binaries .1-:1st_place_medal:Blockfrost SDKs refresh
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Blockfrost multi-provider transaction submit plugin
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Blockfrost bootstrap
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Terraform support for
.5-:2nd_place_medal:Erlang SDK for Blockfrost API
.6-:2nd_place_medal:Crystal SDK for Blockfrost API
.7-:2nd_place_medal:Cardano App for Slack
.8-:2nd_place_medal:Tor hidden service for Blockfrost
Spectrum Labs .1-:2nd_place_medal:Spectrum Network Testing Protocol at Scale
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Spectrum Network Security Audit
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Spectrum Network Cross-chain Messaging Protocol
TapTools .1-:2nd_place_medal:Scaling TapTools
Anastasia Labs .1-:2nd_place_medal:Plug-and-play Smart Contract API: a game-changing platform to deploy open-source contracts instantly
Andamio Team .1-:2nd_place_medal:Catalyst Project-based learning (CPBL): Onboarding users to Project Catalyst’s Voting and Governance Tech Stack
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Project Catalyst Learning management system for skill-acquisition and contribution tracking.
.3-:2nd_place_medal:DAOs <3 smart contracts for skill-acquisition and contribution tracking.
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Project-Based Documentation for the Open-Source Andamio Platform
.5-:2nd_place_medal:Translation, localization and implementation of the Gimbalabs’ Plutus Project-based learning program.
.6-:2nd_place_medal:Andamio by Gimbalabs: a learning management system (LMS) built on Cardano with skill-tracking, treasury management, and smart contract capabilities.
.7-:2nd_place_medal:Easy onboarding of ADA holders to SPOs
Dor Garbash .1-:2nd_place_medal:For the community, by the community: Optimizing the ROI of Catalyst through listening to builders, expert analysis and assessment of Cardano’s Community Grants Fund. Brought to you by Catalyst and Intersect MBO Architects.
Drip Dropz .1-:2nd_place_medal:Arweave Gateway API
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Open Source Fiat & Token Accounting System Solution
.3-:2nd_place_medal:DripDropz Open Source Voting Petition Management
.4-:2nd_place_medal:DripDropz Mainstreet Suite Licensing
.5-:2nd_place_medal:DripDropz Open Source Voting Gated Polling
GameChanger Finance - Adriano Fiorenza .1-:2nd_place_medal:GameChanger: File Storage Protocol over Cardano - Enhancements and HTTP API Servers
Josef .1-:2nd_place_medal:Public list of SPO groups (json,csv)
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Cardano explorer improvements (
LIDO Nation Foundation .1-:2nd_place_medal:Catalyst Turbo - Community Catalyst Infrastructure Experiments
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Incentivized Onboarding & Identity in Africa - Leveraging Atala PRISM
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Catalyst Completed Project NFTs
.4-:2nd_place_medal:Catalyst Explorer 2.5: Accessible Catalyst Data & Tools
.5-:2nd_place_medal:Catalyst Explorer dRep module: Directory, Community, Draft Ballots
Marcel - .1-:2nd_place_medal:Enable Eternl - F10
.2-:2nd_place_medal:Eternl - Accessible Cardano knowledge base - F10
.3-:2nd_place_medal:Eternl - Accessible Multi-sig - F10
Michael Yagi .1-:2nd_place_medal:Cardano NFT Integration in Death-Race Game, Project: Hermes
Michal Porubsky .1-:2nd_place_medal:Smart Contract Vulnerabilities Game – Capture the Flag (CTF)
Minswap Labs .1-:1st_place_medal::jp:Minswap Liquidity Bootstrapping for DAOs
.2-:1st_place_medal::jp:Minswap Aiken V2 Audit
.3-:1st_place_medal::jp:Minswap Aiken Stableswap Audit + Bug Bounty
MLabs .1-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - Cardano Onchain Languages Benchmark
.2-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - LambdaBuffers (was Cardano dApp schemas) code generation backends for Rust, Javascript and Aiken
.3-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - Browser-based Wallet for Developers & Testers
.4-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - Cardano-Transaction-Library Evolution
.5-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs – CEMScript SDK: get your DApp implementation from annotated on-chain logic state-machine
.6-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs – Congested Testnet
.7-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - Re-think CIP-30 wallet interface standard
.8-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs – Streamlining Cardano Deployment with Enhanced NixOS Modules
.9-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs - Purus: PureScript to Plutus Core compiler
.10-:1st_place_medal::jp:MLabs – Enhancing and Evolving the Plutus Simple Model (PSM) Test Library
.11-:1st_place_medal::jp:Ikigai + MLabs – Hydra app SDK and auction service
.12-:2nd_place_medal::jp:MLabs – Cardano Game Engine Wallet - Godot Integration
.13-:2nd_place_medal::jp:MLabs - DeNS (Decentralized Name System): Phase I
.14-:2nd_place_medal::jp:MLabs – CardaNow – Rapid Infrastructure Caching
.15-:2nd_place_medal::jp:MLabs – SPO-anywhere – Easy Stake Pool Deployment with NixOS
Sebastien Guillemot .1-:1st_place_medal::jp:Enable use-cases that require frequent message signing by introducing a safe standard for message signing without wallet prompts
.2-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Provide multiple templates on how to write apps and games for the Cardano ecosystem using Paima
.3-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Extend NFT sale & drop tools to support dropping more complex assets as required for onchain games
.4-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Open standard for cross-game achievement system to gamify onchain participation
.5-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Powering onchain game functionality using Cardano stakepools
.6-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Enable apps and games that require large amounts of data to function cheaply while still maximizing availability and safety
.7-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Allow Cardano users to call Sidechain smart contracts directly from their Cardano mainnet wallet
.8-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Paima onchain game integration of Frontend Game Engines & Novel Technology
.9-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Allow using NFTs from Cardano and other ecosystem in onchain games hosted in the Cardano ecosystem
.10-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Enable apps and games built in the Cardano ecosystem to leverage ZK cryptography for privacy and scalability
.11-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Core integrations to support the fast-growing onchain games and autonomous world segment .1-:1st_place_medal::jp:Support Stateful NFTs (dynamic NFTs) for gaming in NFT marketplaces
.2-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Treasure Chain
john Valdez .1-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Shinkai Visor Cardano Indexer integration (vector DB)
Seedstars .1-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Open source Marketplace “Opensea-like” for MIlkomeda usecases and Seedstars Galaxy
Thiago Nunes .1-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Fixing Nintendo’s Problem: Unlocking a Multi-million Dollar NFC/NFT Authentication Market for the Cardano Ecosystem with Open-Source [Cardano Warriors + dcSpark]
YURI KURIYAMA .1-:2nd_place_medal::jp:Onboard Japanese Big IP holders onto Cardano space and Build an IP Certification system on the Cardano blockchain

Please also refer to this list: List of proposers & proposals who have demonstrated their ability in Cardano🎉

List of 60 must-read proposals

スクリーンショット 2023-08-31 22.59.12

Background for making the list:

Reason: To create a realistic list that voters can refer to.

I’ve previously created a list of suggestions like this:

List of 147 proposals who have demonstrated their ability in Cardano🎉

This list contains 147 proposals.

After all, a voter with a list of 147 proposals will simply vote like this:

  1. Vote for 2-3 proposals from the top of the list to complete the voting action.

  2. Or, you may be overwhelmed by the large number of proposals (147), give up, vote for one that was randomly voted on in the app, and end the voting process.

Therefore, I thought that it would be necessary to narrow down to 30, ideally 60 at most, and decided to narrow down based on the following criteria.

:one: Experienced in creating products that are widely used in the Cardano ecosystem (same criteria as the list of 147 proposals)

:two: Fully open source

:three: Strong infrastructure that is widely used by developers etc.

:four: Focus on specific development (coding)

(In addition, there are clearly more advantageous proposals, there are not many users, etc.)

I have not carefully read, considered, and narrowed down all 147 proposals.

I don’t have much time, so I’ve categorized some things intuitively.

Please let us know your opinion.

I am always grateful for your help.


I think you would close the system too norrow if all follow your point of view …all this people and companies indeed proof there self to the comunity …but don’t you think that fresh blood is needed ?

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I agree with you, we need another list.
I’m trying to create another list, but I’m having a lot of trouble.

Hello Yuta, thank you for setting this up. Nice work.
As we talked about it earlier there’s a lot of room to add many other proposals, but it’s always a very hard choice. And time for the voting is running out.

I’d like to offer the community my support with this proposal:

Additionally I support fully the initiative called wada - they have a genuine team and they work on the ground in Africa: @wadafund10 | Linktree

Have a good voting experience all! :handshake:

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