List of proposers & proposals who have demonstrated their ability in Cardano🎉

List of main applicant name of proponents who are already providing tools, services or infrastructure that are widely used by Cardano users and developers.

Product/Company (提案者名やその説明) main applicant(Type this in the Catalyst app and look for proposals when you vote)(投票時はCatalyst APP上で次のキーワードから検索できます!)
:white_square_button: 1.Infrastructure(インフラ) :white_square_button:
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Allan Deutsch / Jonathan Rodriguez / Maestro Team & Anastasia Labs / Micah Kendall / Philip DiSarro / Vasilia Kratsios
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) - Largest sidechain and game engine development company born out of Emurgo (Emurgoから生まれた最大のサイドチェーンおよびゲームエンジン開発会社) Sebastien Guillemot / Samuel Walton / Seedstars
※Only the following two cannot be searched by main applicant, so please search by title - Title:(1)Fixing Nintendo’s Problem: Unlocking / Open Source POAP in Cardano
Mlabs(Liqwid/plutarch) - Largest Lending Platform/most popular languages(最大の分散型レンディング/最人気開発言語) Luke Mahoney
Proofspace(Atala) - Largest Atala Solutions Company(最大のAtala会社) Nick Mason
TXPIPE(Aiken) - Development of the most popular languages(最も人気の開発言語) Santiago Carmuega
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) - Development of many Cardano-related products(多くのCardanoプロダクト開発) Catalyst Rider / Michal Petro (Vacuumlabs) / Michal Porubský / Peter Hucik
:white_square_button: 2.Governance/SPO/API :white_square_button:
ATADA(SPOtools)(SPOのツール等開発) Martin Lang (gitmachtl)
COSD(CIP editor)(CIPに貢献している人) Robert Phair
Dor.Garbash(ex-catalyst team lead)(元Catalystチームリーダー) Dor Garbash
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) - Most popular API(最も使われているAPI) Five Binaries / Marek Mahut
Gimbalabs(API) James Dunseith / Roberto Mayen / Roberto Mayen-Hess
IOG Kriss Baird
Koios(SPOtools)(SPOのツール等開発) Koios Core Team
:white_square_button: 3.DApps / NFT :white_square_button:
ADA Handle - most famous name service(最も有名な「短い入金アドレス」作れるサービス) Conrad Cordeiro ($conrad)
DJED Osiris(ex-DJED-researcher)(DJDEの主任研究者) Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo (a.k.a. Zahnentferner)
Dripdropz - The most famous airdrop service(最も有名なエアードロップサービス) Drip Dropz
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Allan Deutsch / Michael Yagi / Sam Delaney
JPEG.STORE - The most famous NFT marketplace(最も有名なNFTマーケットプレイス) Yuri Kuriyama
Lenfi(AADA) - The most used P2P type lending service(最も使われているP2P型レンディングサービス) Lukas Armonas
Minswap - Largest Defi/DEX(最大のDefi/DEX) Long Nguyen Le Vu
MuesilSwap - Popular DEX(人気のDEX) MuesliSwap Team / MuesliSwapTeam
NMKR - Popular NFT tools(人気のNFTツール) Patrick Tobler
Spectrum Network Yasha Black
SundaeSwap - Cardano’s first DEX(Cardano初のDEX) Dan Gonzalez
:white_square_button: 4.Wallet Explorer :white_square_button:
Adastats Tetiana Stashenko
Cardanoscan Ashish Prajapati
Cexplorer Josef Taborsky
Eternl wallet Marcel Baumberg
Game Changer Wallet Adriano Fiorenza
Gero Wallet Chris Chiras / Shawn Roller
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Darlington Kofa / Stephanie King
POOLPM Rémi LEFEVRE aka “Smaug”
Pooltool Mike Fullman
Taptools Alec Myers
Vespr wallet Derek Delgado

List of [proposals] of proponents who are already providing tools, services or infrastructure that are widely used by Cardano users and developers.


Product/Company proposal title proposal url
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Anastasia Labs - Open Source Production Grade DApps Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Plug-and-play Smart Contract API: a game-changing platform to deploy open-source contracts instantly Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Invoicing SDK Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Anastasia Labs - Streamlining Development: A User-Friendly Smart Contract Library for Plutarch and Aiken Design Patterns & Efficiency Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Anastasia Labs - Smart Beacons, Router NFTs Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Anastasia Labs - The Trifecta of Data Structures: Merkle Trees, Tries, and Linked Lists for Cutting-Edge Contracts Community
Anastasia Labs(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Cardano Tax & Accounting Tool Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Provide multiple templates on how to write apps and games for the Cardano ecosystem using Paima Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Fixing Nintendo’s Problem: Unlocking a Multi-million Dollar NFC/NFT Authentication Market for the Cardano Ecosystem with Open-Source [Cardano Warriors + dcSpark] Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Enable apps and games that require large amounts of data to function cheaply while still maximizing availability and safety Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Allow Cardano users to call Sidechain smart contracts directly from their Cardano mainnet wallet Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Paima onchain game integration of Frontend Game Engines & Novel Technology Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Open source Marketplace “Opensea-like” for MIlkomeda usecases and Seedstars Galaxy Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Allow using NFTs from Cardano and other ecosystem in onchain games hosted in the Cardano ecosystem Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Enable apps and games built in the Cardano ecosystem to leverage ZK cryptography for privacy and scalability Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Enable use-cases that require frequent message signing by introducing a safe standard for message signing without wallet prompts Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Support Stateful NFTs (dynamic NFTs) for gaming in NFT marketplaces Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Core integrations to support the fast-growing onchain games and autonomous world segment Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Open Source POAP in Cardano Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Extend NFT sale & drop tools to support dropping more complex assets as required for onchain games Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Treasure Chain Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Shinkai Visor Cardano Indexer integration (vector DB) Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Open standard for cross-game achievement system to gamify onchain participation Community
DCSpark(Milkomeda/PAIMA/Flint) Powering onchain game functionality using Cardano stakepools Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - Cardano Onchain Languages Benchmark Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - LambdaBuffers (was Cardano dApp schemas) code generation backends for Rust, Javascript and Aiken Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - Browser-based Wallet for Developers & Testers Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – Cardano Game Engine Wallet - Godot Integration Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - Cardano-Transaction-Library Evolution Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – CEMScript SDK: get your DApp implementation from annotated on-chain logic state-machine Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – Congested Testnet Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - DeNS (Decentralized Name System): Phase I Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - Re-think CIP-30 wallet interface standard Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – Streamlining Cardano Deployment with Enhanced NixOS Modules Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs - Purus: PureScript to Plutus Core compiler Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – Enhancing and Evolving the Plutus Simple Model (PSM) Test Library Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) Ikigai + MLabs – Hydra app SDK and auction service Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – CardaNow – Rapid Infrastructure Caching Community
Mlabs(Liqwid) MLabs – SPO-anywhere – Easy Stake Pool Deployment with NixOS Community
Proofspace(Atala) Reusable Identity Verification and Governance Framework Template Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Marlowe Runtime SDKs Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Scrolls - Develop and deploy Custom GraphQL chain indexes Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Marlowe - Decentralized Oracle Integration Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Mithril - Open-source contributor Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Dolos - A step closer to a Rust node - Phase-1 Validations Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Pallas - Open-source maintainer Community
TXPIPE(Aiken) Decentralized - Federated Frontend Hosting - New revenue stream for SPOs Community
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) Open-Source On-Chain DAO Governance Community
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) Open-Source database synchronization SDK Community
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) Token Verification Alliance
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) NFT Staking Smart Contracts Audit
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) Smart Contract Vulnerabilities Game – Capture the Flag (CTF)
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) NFT Staking Smart Contracts
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) A Perpetual DEX on Milkomeda usable directly from Cardano - open leveraged positions in a dApp while needing only your Cardano wallet
Vacuumlabs(WingRiders/Adalite) Message signing for Trezor and Ledger (CIP-8, CIP30)
z http://zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

2.Governance/SPO/API tools(ガバナンス/SPO/APIツール)

Product/Company proposal title proposal url
ATADA(SPOtools) StakePoolOperator Scripts (SPO Scripts) - New Features / Updates
COSD(CIP editor) Community CIP Editor: 1 year budget (continued)
Dor.Garbash(ex-catalyst team lead) For the community, by the community: Optimizing the ROI of Catalyst through listening to builders, expert analysis and assessment of Cardano’s Community Grants Fund. Brought to you by Catalyst and Intersect MBO Architects.
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Blockfrost multi-provider transaction submit plugin
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Terraform support for
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Erlang SDK for Blockfrost API
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Blockfrost SDKs refresh
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Blockfrost bootstrap
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Crystal SDK for Blockfrost API
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Cardano App for Slack
Five Binaries(BlockfrostAPI) Tor hidden service for Blockfrost
Gimbalabs(API) Catalyst Project-based learning (CPBL): Onboarding users to Project Catalyst’s Voting and Governance Tech Stack
Gimbalabs(API) Project Catalyst Learning management system for skill-acquisition and contribution tracking.
Gimbalabs(API) DAOs <3 smart contracts for skill-acquisition and contribution tracking.
Gimbalabs(API) Project-Based Documentation for the Open-Source Andamio Platform
Gimbalabs(API) Translation, localization and implementation of the Gimbalabs’ Plutus Project-based learning program.
Gimbalabs(API) Andamio by Gimbalabs: a learning management system (LMS) built on Cardano with skill-tracking, treasury management, and smart contract capabilities.
Gimbalabs(API) Easy onboarding of ADA holders to SPOs
IOG Catalyst Fund Operations by IOG Catalyst Team
IOG IOG Catalyst Team : Catalyst Ecosystem Accelerator (Hermes Core architecture development)
IOG IOG Catalyst Team : Ideascale replacement and web-browser based Voting Centre with liquid democracy aka “Catalyst Voices”
Koios(SPOtools) Empowering Koios: Cultivating a Self-Sustaining Infrastructure Through Strategic Incentives
Koios(SPOtools) Koios Evolution: Enhancements, Infra Support & Maintenance
Koios(SPOtools) Koios SPO Tools development (CNTools, gLiveView, topologyUpdater)
z http://zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

3.DApps and NFT Tool (DApps/NFTツール)

Product/Company proposal title proposal url
ADA Handle Decentralized Minting ADA Handle
ADA Handle The Handle Marketplace ADA Handle
DJED Osiris(ex-DJED-researcher) Djed Osiris Stablecoin on Cardano’s EVM Sidechain Milkomeda
Dripdropz Arweave Gateway API
Dripdropz DripDropz Open Source Voting Petition Management
Dripdropz Open Source Fiat & Token Accounting System Solution
Dripdropz DripDropz Mainstreet Suite Licensing
Dripdropz DripDropz Open Source Voting Gated Polling
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Audit for Open-source LBE for DAOs
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Open-Source Blockfrost Deployment Images
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) CIP 68 Royalty Standard & Developer Resources
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Cardano NFT Integration in Fighting Card Game, Uppercut
IKIGAI(ex-Wingrider sc-lead) Cardano NFT Integration in Death-Race Game, Project: Hermes
JPEG.STORE Onboard Japanese Big IP holders onto Cardano space and Build an IP Certification system on the Cardano blockchain
Lenfi(AADA) Lenfi V2 Aiken Audit + Bug Bounty
Minswap Minswap Liquidity Bootstrapping for DAOs
Minswap Minswap Aiken V2 Audit
Minswap Minswap Aiken Stableswap Audit + Bug Bounty
MuesilSwap Cardano DEX Protocol with DIDs Layer
MuesilSwap DAO Governance x Atala PRISM - By MuesliSwap
MuesilSwap DAO Treasury & Protocol Parameter Management via On-Chain Governance - By MuesliSwap
MuesilSwap Simple Node Sharing on Cardano
MuesilSwap Open Transaction Chaining tooling to speed up Cardano dApps - By MuesliSwap
MuesilSwap Efficient atomic cross chain swaps between Cardano and other blockchains
MuesilSwap Market Making and High Frequency Trading on Cardano
MuesilSwap Liquidity Efficient DEX Models for Cardano
NMKR Framework for Authenticity Verification of Tokenized Real-World Assets based on Atala Prism
NMKR Help NMKR to continue operations & develop NFT Infrastructure
NMKR dRepWatch - A transparency web platform for dReps
Spectrum Network Spectrum Network Testing Protocol at Scale
Spectrum Network Spectrum Network Security Audit
Spectrum Network Spectrum Network Cross-chain Messaging Protocol
SundaeSwap Sundae Governance + Atala Prism Integration
SundaeSwap Sundae Labs Automated Price Discovery
SundaeSwap Sorbet Wallet Debugger, by Sundae Labs
SundaeSwap Sundae Labs Hydra Transaction Stream Plugin
SundaeSwap Sundae Labs Hydra Ledger-only Mode
SundaeSwap SundaeSwap Smart Contract Audit
SundaeSwap SundaeSwap Aiken Smart Contracts
z http://zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

4.Wallet Explorer(ウォレット・エクスプローラ)

Product/Company proposal title proposal url
Adastats AdaStat Cardano Explorer for Pre-prod and Preview test networks
Adastats - Open Source Cardano Blockchain Explorer
Cardanoscan Introducing Cardano Laboratory: A Development and Testing Environment for Cardano
Cardanoscan Typhon Wallet Mobile App
Cardanoscan Maintenance
Cardanoscan Upgrade Cardano wallet js for Babbage
Cardanoscan Ledger Live Integration Maintenance
Cexplorer Public list of SPO groups (json,csv)
Cexplorer Cardano explorer improvements (
Eternl wallet Enable Eternl - F10
Eternl wallet Eternl - Accessible Cardano knowledge base - F10
Eternl wallet Eternl - Accessible Multi-sig - F10
Game Changer Wallet GameChanger: File Storage Protocol over Cardano - Enhancements and HTTP API Servers
Gero Wallet Enhancing Access to Token and NFT Analytics: Proposal for Upgrading Wallet Analytics Functionality
Gero Wallet Integrated Wallet Media Player: Enhancing Accessibility and Convenience
Gero Wallet Breaking Language Barriers: A Proposal for Expanding Global Accessibility through Comprehensive Language Support
Gero Wallet CardanoShield: Protecting Cardano Wallet Users
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Incentivized Onboarding & Identity in Africa - Leveraging Atala PRISM
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Catalyst Completed Project NFTs
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Catalyst Explorer 2.5: Accessible Catalyst Data & Tools
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Catalyst Turbo - Community Catalyst Infrastructure Experiments
Lidoneation(Catalyst Explorer) Catalyst Explorer dRep module: Directory, Community, Draft Ballots
POOLPM Visual Explorer - Open Source Improved Reboot towards a sustainable community innovation platform
Pooltool Marlowe Hub: Unifying Platform for Marlowe Smart Contracts, Oracles, and Mediators, Auditors and Developers
Pooltool Open source and sustain for 1 year
Taptools Scaling TapTools
Vespr wallet Open-Source Ledger Nano X Flutter SDK and VESPR Wallet Integration
Vespr wallet VESPR Wallet: Security Audit / Penetration Test
Vespr wallet VESPR Wallet: Advanced Native Token Dashboard and Token Transactions Filter
z http://zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

Thanks @YUTA_Oishi - you’ve missed our project. This is a continuation of my work from the previous year (the work itself has been going on longer, but began funding in Fund 9):

  • Product/Company: COSD
  • idea scale ID: rphair
  • challenge name: F10: Development & Infrastructure
  • proposal id: 107579
  • proposal title: Community CIP Editor: 1 year budget (continued)
  • main applicant: Robert Phair
  • requested budget: 128,866
  • explanation: Cardano Standards
  • proposal url:

I obviously missed you as I was making the list while looking at CardanoCube.
Thank you for your huge contribution for cardano​:bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man:
I’ll include you on the list later!


I would have hoped to see GameChanger on your list.

Here’s a great post;


We seem to be missing as well.
Youblob - Blueprint NFT’s (a brand new use-case for NFT) - Community

Short summary
Online Makerspace - Rapid prototyping made easy …even for AI.


Youblob is built on top of an open marketplace and integrated with Cardano native wallet along with NFT’s to conform to open collaboration and ideasharing for Makers and their DIY projects around physical products. Through this initiative our solution connects to 10 out of the 17 UN SDG’s. Through our NFT initiative we disrupt the need for patents in the future, and opens up for open collaboration where smart contracts will incentivize Users based on actual value generated around ideas.

This also includes AI generated prototypes and what it builds in the future, where Makers that made the algorithm work, gets a revenue.

For our rapid prototyping solution, where an existing Blueprint is copied into another Blueprint, the smart contracts handles the incentive model for both.

Unique features that we bring are;

  • New use-case around Blueprint NFT’s, where ideas can be converted into an NFT.
  • New incentive models around Blueprint NFT’s for Blueprint Authors/Teams and Blueprint Owners.
  • New information channels between Industry and Makers to push further for open collaboration.
  • New functions around e-commerce and starting a business from an idea.
  • New functions for physical Makerspaces to collaborate with their members and understand value generation in their local municipality for running a Makerspace. ++

Other links: Youblob presentation: Youblob - Short Presentation - YouTube Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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We’re certainly newer and not as well known as many of the companies on the list, but I think at Ikigai we’ve demonstrated our abilities at this point. We’re one of the largest companies by head count on Cardano already.

  • Discovery - an open source Price Discovery Event protocol written in Plutarch v1.2
  • Ikigai Blockfrost - the first open source third party containerization of Blockfrost
  • Grabbit - a fully onchain L1 auction protocol and site, written in Plutarch v1.2 with full usage of Vasil features and no batching.
  • Uppercut - a web3-integrated card/fighting game mashup. Still in development, but hopefully enough content is out to show quality.

We’ve also consulted for IOG, Emurgo, anetaBTC & more, as well as teaming up with MLabs to work on Hydra-Auctions soon (assuming success in Fund 10).

Here’s a reference list of the proposals we have out for Fund 10:
Cardano NFT Integration in Death-Race Game, Project: Hermes
Cardano NFT Integration in Fighting Card Game, Uppercut
CIP 68 Royalty Standard & Developer Resources (by yours truly)
Audit for Open-source LBE for DAOs
Ikigai + MLabs – Hydra app SDK and auction service
Open-Source Blockfrost Deployment Images
Cardano Tax & Accounting Tool

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Thank you very much! I will add you to the list :bowing_man:.

Thank you so much🙇

It means, you think youblob is widely used by Cardano users and developers now…?I am going to create this list of services that are currently already being used by Cardano users or developers.

But in any case, I believe your services are attractive and could be used by Cardano users and developers in the future :bowing_man:.

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Thank you very much!!:bowing_man:

Since Grabbit and Uppercut are before the mainnet, it may not be possible to say that they are “widely used by Cardano users and developers.” at this stage, but I love your proposals.
(If there is a tool that can be said to be “widely used by Cardano users and developers.” at the moment, please let me know :bowing_man:)

Mlab is applicable, so the following proposals are included in the list🙇 Community


You know, that’s totally fair. The list is most useful if you keep a high standard to get on.
Thanks for doing all the work of putting it together! Next fund I’m sure we’ll make the cut. :slightly_smiling_face:


We are still in beta, so ok to wait then :sweat_smile::beers:


Thank you, I read a little bit of your proposal and I think it’s great, I’ll read more about it later🙇‍♀️

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Thank you very much, I would like to read more about your proposal later🙇‍♀️

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We have a few proposals that we are very passionate about. We’ve worked hard to create a track record that we are proud of to demonstrate our commitment and capabilities to the Cardano ecosystem.

Our audit clients include:
Lenfi (prev. Aada Finance)
FluidTokens - FluidShare

About us:

Anastasia Labs is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to ensuring safe and efficient use of smart contracts. Diverse backgrounds in blockchain technology, computer science, cybersecurity, and business operations equip us with a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing the blockchain industry.

Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals by providing expert guidance, comprehensive services, and bespoke solutions for smart contracts in cryptocurrencies. What sets Anastasia Labs apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, our technical expertise, and our tailored approach. We don’t just audit and develop smart contracts; we partner with our clients to understand their unique needs, helping them leverage blockchain technology to its fullest potential by cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and offering personalized, responsive, and expert support at every stage of their smart contract journey.

Our small team is the beating heart of Anastasia Labs. Each individual’s journey, vision, and commitment to our shared mission contribute to our collective success. The blend of our unique stories and shared dedication is moving us forward, driving our mission to provide unparalleled smart contract auditing and development services.

We are more than a team; we are a close-knit community united by our passion for shaping the future of blockchain technology.


Due to link posting limits, I had to separate these:

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I am including the DJED PI in the list because of his past success with DJED research.

He is not attributed to COTI, which currently publishes DJED.

In other words, it should be possible to include a member on the list if he or she has a track record of producing products that have been widely used by the community in the past.

In this regard, I noticed that ikigai has a Wingrider smart contract lead developer on its team.

Then I included ikigai because I think it fits the above criteria.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood something :bowing_man:.


Thank you for contacting us. Thank you for the great proposals.

I noticed that the former Wingrider smart contract lead is the founder of Anastasia Labs.

We have a rule that proposals by members who have developed widely used apps for the community in the past are included in the list, so we will include Anastasia Labs :bowing_man:.

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Hi @YUTA_Oishi, was going through this list and it is pretty cool to see the ideas being developed here. However, I feel new proposals to project catalyst F10 are being left out.

It would have been interesting to see another category created for new proposals that have the potential of delivering massive impact to Cardano ecosystem.

Stackles has great prospects of simplifying onboarding and collaboration processes for DAOs within Cardano and the beautiful part is that everyone involved in the building of Stackles both technical and non-technical roles are super passionate about what we can achieve with Stackles. Here’s a full scope of what we’re building

Thank you for your feedback and nice proposal.
I totally agree with you.
Since new proposers have been eliminated, I think we need another list.
I plan to work on it when I have time.
I would love to read your proposal as well.

How do you mean by new proposals have been eliminated? Do you mean that no new proposal will be funded in F10?

Here’s our ideascale link again