Catalyst FUND9に関する日本アンケート結果🎉Results of Japan survey on Catalyst FUND9🎉

Other Comments.(Automatic translation: Please let us know if you don’t understand something.)

I’m not sure I understand.
I would like to see IDs assigned to projects. It is difficult to find projects recommended by the community.
There are too many proposals to look through, so please reduce the number of proposals.
I would like to be able to easily and objectively compare the contents and significance of each project.
Diversify search methods. For example, if you search for “wallet,” it will collect proposals related to wallets, etc.
The application is too slow. It would be nice to be able to easily select all projects at once on a computer.
It is hard to understand where the project information is.
I wish the official content of proposals would be in Japanese.
The contents of proposals are not easy to understand
I would like to be able to vote directly from ideascale (viewing platform), not from the app
There are too many proposals, so filters are necessary
I would like to be able to set my own PIN when participating in yoroi (I didn’t know I would need it again, and I lost it when I was voting and couldn’t vote.
Taxes are complicated.
I don’t know the technical details, so I would like an expert to select and tell me the proposals that are necessary for the development of Cardano and for humanity.
It takes too long to start Daedalus and I give up.

Other requests, etc.(Automatic translation: Please let us know if you don’t understand something.)

○ Some of the proposals seemed to have a certain bias in the evaluation of ambassadors and I would like to see a fairness in the evaluation. I would like to experience being an ambassador if the opportunity arises.

○I found out after the voting results came out that I voted for a proposal that I did not intend to vote for. I know I can’t change it, but I would appreciate it if you could make some improvements before it is funded.

I would like to see a lower barrier to entry for XXSPO. It may be easy from an engineer’s point of view, but the number of SPOs has hardly increased from the current 2,800. Assuming that the number of users will increase in the future, I think more SPOs are needed to promote decentralization and improve security. It would be ideal if Daedalus could do this. I would like to see a system that can contribute directly to the network, not just delegate.
Efforts should be made to increase ADA prices.
The level of ADA holders is so far apart, I can’t keep up at all.
I feel that the number of ADA holdings = voting power should be improved. For example, I think a count of “registered wallets = 1 vote” is a good idea.
I would like to see a website where you can go here to get all the links on Catalyst. The information is disjointed, including voting, registration, project details, etc.
Thank you for everything.
You are always helpful. Thank you very much.
Thank you for everything you do.
Various people recommended the Catalyst proposal, but I couldn’t get to the recommended project, so I ended up voting for a different project. Can you do something to make it more intuitive?
I would like you to think first that Cardano will be widely used.
We would like you to keep it going.
I would like a button to stop staking in Daedalus.
This is not a request. Thank you for your daily activities. Thank you!
I would like you to narrow down the proposals to be voted on in advance, as it seems that some proposals are useless for Cardano, even if they are not malicious. I hope you will take measures to prevent strange proposals from passing.
I’m rooting for you.
Create something that can easily be used by elementary school students.
I want something that reflects the ADA price.
Make something useful, not just a lot of things.
Please create something that can actually be used!
Create an ADApay that can be used around the world as soon as possible❗️
I would like to see the plans and movements of the foundation and the three companies in Japan made public.
Please provide an official voting procedure with diagrams for beginners.
It would be easier to understand if the proposal is in Japanese. It would be helpful to have a summary in Japanese. It is difficult to find the article. I can always read the Japanese summary of Catalyst proposals by looking here! I think the number of participants will increase if we can read the Japanese summary of Catalyst’s proposal anytime we want.
Please make it available in Japanese via tiktok, twitter space, podcast, even if it’s just a 5 or 10 minute clip!
Please make it in Japanese. I want easy-to-understand headlines with impact of proposals.
I want more educational materials for beginner and intermediate developers in Japanese.
It takes a long time to respond to Japanese and to vote, so I would like you to make it smooth.
Semi-annual, preferably quarterly progress reports


Great survey Yuma. Thank you for your work.

Go ahead bro