Listing ERC20 wallet address for CA profile

Hi guys!

There are some questions about ERC20 wallet address when people register to be a CA (Community advisor) in Fund 7 Catalyst project.

I would share you some my thoughts.

In Fund7, there is one more challenge of the COTI project - a Cardano partner that funds for proposals what solves problems related to crypto payment gateways. They will fund COTI coins (through ERC20 wallet) to proposers, referrers, CAs/vCAs. So when you register to become a CA, there will be 2 boxes to fill your wallet address, one is Cardano address (to receive ADA), other is ERC20 wallet (to receive COTI).

You need to fill the blockchain wallet only, do not fill the exchange wallet. The wallets created from Binance, Coinbase or any exchanges are not acceptable. I suggest you to use your regular ERC20 wallet. If you dont have any wallet before, then you should create a new Myetherwallet (MEW) or Metamask wallet.

If you are not going to assess the COTI’s challenge proposals, you dont need to fill the ERC20 wallet.
In the case you are missed it, don’t worry too much, the Catalyst team will ask you to confirm the wallet again before they send you the reward.

The wallets created from centralized exchanges (Coinbase, Binance…) are not really blockchain wallet. They are digital wallets only. Blockchain wallets are public and impossible to modify. So they are easy to check the transactions.

Love and grateful.
Duc Tiger.