Digital wallets

Hi guys!
I am relatively new to Cardano but have been quite interested in this project.
I wanted to direct a question to the Wallet developers of the Cardano development team but not sure how to go about that so I chose this method. I am not a computer programmer by training so please pardon me if this sounds amateurish.
In trading cryptocurrencies I have noticed one of the general problems of wallets is that you have to make sure the wallet is compatible with the appropriate cryptocurrency otherwise any transferred funds could be permanently lost. Bittrex gives this warning when you try to initiate a transfer. Is anyone attempting to solve this potential problem anywhere in the crypto community? Especially at cardano since one of its aims is to allow interoperability of cryptocurrencies. It would seem that wallet compatibility verification should be happening automatically “under the hood” and not left to the folly of human inattention. Perhaps a new standard of wallet address designation might need to be developed by the developer community to facilitate this for the future when lots of non-tech savvy people will be using crypto in their daily lives. Sort of modeled on the system of physical addresses used by all the postal services of the world. Any thoughts on this??

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I Always do a test transaction (very smal amount) before doing the actual transaction.