Looking for Developers to build out projects and eventual ICO's

Hey guys,

I have a few projects that are being developed. The 2 priorities are; a digital platform and a b2b service that are going to be converted over to Decentralized and Hybrid platforms.

We are a grassroots project, and are looking for sweat equity partners.

The business model and infrastructure is defined and partially built out. We also have a network of specialist to help define Smart Contracts etc. We are looking for technical partners to help develop the infrastructure needs.

Let me know if you would like to know more.

Thanks for your attention

You aren’t really providing any exciting details here to entice developers to be interested. In fact, it’s difficult to to determine what you are actually seeking.

Hey, so I apologize for vagueness. One project is Cannabis related and the other is a subscription platform. Honestly I don’t have a tech background, but the concepts are organized and defined for the most part. So we are looking for Developers/Partners who can translate to Blockchain.

OK, so something like Revuto maybe?