Looking For Front End/Full Stack Developers


Looking for developers to join our team of 3 to create a tokenize dApp.


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I have 10+ years of experience, and am looking to shift my career to work with blockchain and smart contracts, specifically in Cardano. Would love to hear more about it…



Hello Andre,

Would love to tell you more, just want to mention one important detail.

For now this is unpaid, we as a team will be splitting equity for all members that commit and help build up the project.

Is that something you would be interested in?

Please take sometime to think about it and let me know.



Thanks for your reply Ryan.
I would be interested in hearing about the project, what is the business plan, and then make an educated decision. If i find it has legs, i can work for free…

ok, sounds good.

would you be able to meet on a video conference call this coming Sunday at 2pm EST?

sounds good. can you send a calendar invite to my email andre.padez@gmail.com ?