Los Angeles


Hello from Los Angeles. We looking to have a first meet up in LA


Hi Michael! I am also in LA. I’d love to attend a meetup if you’re thinking of organizing one.


Fantastic. I will keep you in the loop.


Welcome to the forum !!


Looking forward to it.


Welcome to the community Michael! hope you all do hold a meetup and post pics here on the forum!


That would be great


Right now we are looking into venues and then we will set a date.


Would love to be included in your LA meet up!! I’m in Santa monica


Welcome to :cardano: forum!

Best, Sean


June 14th 7pm 1046 s Robertson Blvd, LA CA 90035


Join us. My wife set this up.


Thank you. Here’s the meet up.


Here’s the link for the meet up


Here’s the link for the LA meet up.
Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.


I’ll be there!