NYC meet up

Hey all. I’d like to organize a NYC meetup in the near future.

I’m thinking an informal get together to network and share common interests to start things off.

Obviously there are plenty of places to eat and/or have a drink. I’m thinking Manhattan but open to having a get together in any of the Boroughs.

Please let me know who all might be interested.



I would love to attend and hope the date works. Since I’m driving in, it doesn’t matter if the location is Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. Thanks!



My college buddy is a part owner of this place so I know I can get a table when we want:

I also am partial to dive bars of any stripe so I’m easy.


Count me in


Nice! Weekdays or weekends better for you guys? My schedule is usually pretty flexible.

I can make it. Prefer weekend

How does everyone feel about Sunday the 21st of October? One of the forum members offered to host it at his store front in Brooklyn. Meet up around 3PM. Plenty of places to eat or drink and hang out after if people want.

Hey @Donnybaseball :slight_smile:

We’d love to help with the meetup if needed - sending a DM to you now… :slight_smile:


Sunday October 21st 3 PM sounds good

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Hey everyone. Looks like the meetup on the 21st is happening. Getting things organized now so more info to follow.


I’m in, Sun oct 21st works! Awesome job taking the initiative!

Best, Sean

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Thanks! It’s a big group effort and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Very much looking forward to meeting everyone.


Remember to take pics guys. Good luck!

Hey Donny,

Do you still intend to do this? If so, let me know. Would love to be involved

Heck yes!

Sunday at 3pm.

Please see details here and please RSVP to Garry’s email on the landing page:

Look forward to seeing you there.

Hi all. Reminder about the NYC meet up tomorrow. RSVP on the link below. Please RSVP even if you can’t make it so we can send you info on upcoming events.


Thanks again @Donnybaseball for getting the ball rolling. Great meet up! Looking forward to the next one


Thank you Sean! It was a great time. Next one in early December. Looking forward to building up a strong NYC base. Will put out a recap in the next couple of days. Special thanks to Garry for hosting. Very interesting and fun group of people.

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Damn that was today…