Lost 2600 ADA today to a scam

I lost 2600 ADA to a scam today on [Link removed by @Zyroxa]
The website is still active. Being new to Crypto, i was quite stupid not checking the WHOIS or checking it with any other parallel updated. I am assuming these are lost forever, right?

Is there any way to have to stop these guys.

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Ive reported the website to the team, please do not edit your post again.

cool thanks

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, yes. Platforms like youtube/google aren’t doing enough to fight the scams. The scammers use these platforms and seems like google is letting it happen.

So sorry to hear this, I know a few people who have lost other crypto from similar scams. Unfortunately there really isn’t a way to recover it.

Sorry my deepest condolence it happen to me too.

I understand that you deleted the url but would it be an idea to keep a list of verified scams so people can check if they’re in doubt?

Hello @Quatic

I’m sorry for what happened, bad actors don’t respect the effort of others.

In the other hand, every time a link is removed from a post, it is reported at Fraud Detection Bureau to put it offline. Please feel free to submit the links directly.


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