Lost ADA tokens

I logged in on my Nami wallet and am missing a large portion of ADA. Please help.

Last transaction hash involving ADA missing: c1de7f3219bae2eb4504a1a58965f0b6f86e85a7e9b69ff086a9c5cf95b07740

The transaction you posted is just a simple stakekey registration, which means that you delegated to a pool.

I still see 2500 ADA on your wallet and didnt see any outgoing transactions in the past days.

You must have done the stake key registration with something else than Nami. It did move the change from that transaction to another address of your wallet.

Nami is quite restricted in that it only lets you use the first address (but it should show a tip that there are funds on other addresses next to your balance).

Just use another wallet app like Lace, Eternl, Typhon, … they should all be able to see all of your balance.

thank you for responding,

I also have a yoroi wallet but from what i remembered transferred everything onto nami. i just created an eternl wallet. what steps do I need to do inorder to access my tokens?

a wallet does not acutally store the tokens. The only thing that is stored in a wallet are your keys which you need to access your funds. This means you can restore your funds in multiple wallet softwares at the same time.

Use your seedphrase to restore your keys. If you are using a hardware wallet, you can only connect it.

ok great! i see the total amount on my nami wallet now thru eternl. thanks a lot for the quick replies and great help!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask if you need help in the future.