Nami wallet - can't send ADA to an exchange

Dear forum,
I have a Nami wallet and have some ADA in it,
today I was trying to send the ADA to an exchange and I can’t seem to do that.
My ADA doesn’t show up as an asset to send - but I see it as balance.
I had the ADA staked - I unstaked just in case and still nothing.
Any suggestions?
thank you in advance,

Try to restore the nami wallet on and try from there

I could try, but I’d like to know if that’s a normal occurrence, have other people complained about it? I’m pretty new to it, I’m reading there is a risk involved with restoring (some people claiming they’re using the correct phrase and still have their assets lost)…so I’m just very careful…Any other suggestion of how to fix this…I did purchase some tokens and I see them as assets, but not the ADA itself…

Nevermind Alexd1985…it worked…:slight_smile: thank you for your time

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worked on nami or