Lost in Meinong's jungle *The irony of a decentralized bank*

If the idea is to get way from a central bank what happens if the big banks buy or control most of the money (crypto)? The big banks are the ones who benefit the most it seems by losing the middle men since they are the one’s who are asking the central bank for money.

It’s kind of an open question that has a few dimensions. or some enlightning information would help.

Let’s say, the “big banks” buy most of the ADA in circulation, but mine because I’m not selling. The price of ADA would go up because they want to buy more, but I’m still not selling. Nobody else could buy ADA too because they are not selling either. ADA would become useless/worthless because you can’t get or do anything with it anymore. Hence, it would become worthless to them as well.

Market forces of demand/supply would naturally not allow them to buy more and more because they would have to pay higher and higher prices, which they would not do.

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What is the best source to look into to give me a general sense of knowledge on the subject?

Like i basically know nothing at all.

Please and thank you

IMHO, it’s Mastering Bitcoin - it superbly addresses technical and non-technical aspects of blockchain technology alike. The original Cardano Roadmap whiteboard session is also a great starting point.