Lost Recovery Phrase but have the seed words

I have the correct seed words, but I don’t know the 15 word recovery phrase. Can anyone help?

So, do u have the spending password but not the seed words (15 words), or u don’t have the spending password but u have the seed words (15 words)?

I guess u have the spending password but not the recovery seed words… in this case u have access to your wallet/funds?
It is a simple wallet or u are using a hardware wallet?

I have the recovery words, but I don’t have them in the correct order (15 word order). I’m also using a simple wallet. Im pretty sure I have the spending password.

I was for some reason taken out of my account, taking me back to the main yoroi page, where I had to log in again. I currently don’t have access to my dashboard (wallet and funds)

I’m using it on computer

Do u mean the wallet was deleted and now u must restore it?

I didn’t do anything to delete it I don’t think. I may of used a different laptop to log into the yoroi account. But now I can’t log in because I forgot the recovery phrase Ive checked both devices but they both take me to the main yoroi page where I have to try and restore it.

Then u must use the seed words (15 words ) to restore the wallet… why you are saying there are not in the correct order? Did u mixed the words when you bkp-ed?

Yes. When I go to restore it, it shows me my seed words and I have to put it in the correct order. But I lost the paper I wrote it down on.

damn… not ok, you must find that paper otherwise I don’t know how you will access the funds again… :frowning: