First Word of Recovery Phrase Missing


A few weeks ago I opened my Yoroi and it was not automatically logged in, and I needed to restore my wallet.

I got my phrase and started entering it but the first word isn’t even on the dropdown list to select. It is still that way weeks later now but additional words have appeared.

Anyone know what is going on with this issue?

Cardano 15-word Standard Wallet.

You probably mate a mistake when you backed up your seedphrase.

Check here : bips/english.txt at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub if one of them is similar to the one you wrote down.

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For the first word try to enter another one from the list, complete the all list with the right words then try to delete and write the right word (for the first one)

Thank you for the response! My first word is not even on that list. Does that mean I made a mistake?

Yes, if the word is not on that list then probably you wrote it wrong

So the word is tabacco. I just don’t see how I could get that wrong with how serious and afraid I was when setting this all up the first time. I am SO sure that was the word

Seems like you have spelled it incorrectly, It should be tobacco with an “o” as the second letter of the word. Hope this resolves your issue.

lol I am an idiot. hilarious, and thank you so much for pointing that out to me.

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Hi, Excuse, Is it possible for me to restore my Atomic Cardano by importing Cardano alphanumeric private key into another wallet?
I tried with Yoroi, Guarda, Daedalus but they didn’t work.
Please, help me. I forgot to write down 12recovery phrases and I only have alphanumeric private key. Can i restore my wallet via this key?
Please, help me. I beg you.