Lost wallet password and 12 words

Today is probably my last day of crypto, i thought to go fully safe and moved my ADAs to my wallet which i still can access as there is no password on it when opening the app, i can see my ADAs but i can’t transfer them as i do not remember my password.
Now i took a photo of the 12 word password but i encrypted it and yeah you guess i also do not remember my encryption password, so im out of luck my money will be in cyberspace forever.

That sucks big time, sorry to hear :frowning_face: There’s not limit on password tries, tho, so if you have at least slight idea what it could be - you can try any amount of times.

Yeah you have been very lazy, not even writing them down on a piece of paper. If it makes you feel any better, you made a collective donation to the rest of us, though I understand if it doesn’t.

Responsibility and patience is learned through lessons of life, hopefully it didn’t cause you too much harm, regardless you will understand the importance of it in the future, in any aspect of life. If you skip corners, you always pay in the end.

If you have a generic password you could try brute force that encryption of that picture.