Lost Password and Recovery Words

I am in a state of despair, I loaded several thousands of ADA under 0.07-8, I travelled from the Nordics to another country and realised that I lost my ADA password and recovery words. I have been down for days, feeling very depressed.
I badly need some assistance and help to get back into my wallet. I trust this community to give me one more chance.
Please help a brother.


Give us more information, where did you store the keys? How did you lose them? What wallet did you use?

It’s just money, don’t despair, if you can’t recover them at least you’ve learn a really important lesson on how to store your keys properly, I ensure you: this will never happen again.


I stored the ADA in the Daaedalus wallet on my Mac.

Where is the Mac? Where did you loose the password and recovery words? Did you write them down when you created the wallet?

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You will need to either log in to the same mac and open the deadalus wallet, (which may not have a password on it?) or you will need to recovery your wallet by using the 12 word recovery phrase.

Without access to the original wallet, and without the recovery words, there really is no way to regain access. If there was another way in, it would not be secure, and other parties could access your wallet. You were the only one with the keys of entry, so nobody will be able to hack into it and recover it for you. (very sorry for your loss)

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I actually have access to the wallet, I have the mac with me, I can see my ADA, I Cannot withdraw the ADA cos I lost the password and the 12-word recovery.

I have access to the original wallet, I can see my ADA Coins but cannot withdraw them cos I lost the password and the 12-word recovery. Is there a way I can withdraw the ADA without the Password.

If you still have access to your wallet, you need to know only the password OR only the 12-word passphrase. Where did you store 'em?

I get the same problem. I store the password and the 12-word in Excel but incidentally the file is overwritten by another file. I could access my deadalus wallet in my Window desktop, and I have over 12,000 ADA in my wallet. But I could not send it out without my password. Please help and advise how I could do to get back my ADA if I lost both the password and the 12-word.


Does that overwritten file location have previous versions/ file history enabled?

Quick search, Accidentally overwrote a file

Good luck,

Not that I’m aware of, but someone might have better luck hacking your password. (I assume there is software that can be used to guess your password, but I don’t have much knowledge of this kind of thing) There may be hope