Main net staking rewards


Can we expect rewards in main net same as in ITN as delegators?

Im recalling from memory so please forgive the date is not exact however I believe the rewards from the ITN to Mainnet will happen around July 26th :vulcan_salute:

Maybe, but I am not talking about transfer rewards, I am talking about rewards when main net will be released

Apologies misunderstood your question, I think it’s roughly every 5 days, however in saying this I think it’s one of the states that’s still in discussion.

More clarity here

It looks like the return of stake percentage will be around 5 or 6% annually in ada. So the higher the value of ada the higher the return of investment.

Epochs are every 5 days, so rewards are paid out ever 5 days.

This is a good article to read

I was under the impression that the 5 or 6 % referenced in the blog post was specifically related to returns for stake pool operators. I don’t think they have released main net reward percentage yet. I guess one could back into the number as half the available Ada will be used in the first 4.5 years but I’m not that good at math.

You might be right. However I would suggest the ROS for operators would be massively dependent on their fees set. The return could vary quite a bit for different operators as they get more or less delegation.