Mainnet rewards help please

Hi. I’m a little confused, to see if you can help me.
At ITN one epoch = 1 day. For example, you receive 80 ADA / reward day for 300k delegated ADA.
Let’s assume that the % reward was the same. Let’s imagine that now at MAINNET we have those same 300k delegates, each epoch lasts 5 days and my question is:
Will I receive 80 x 5 = 400 ADA or will I only receive 80 ADA at that epoch?
Definitely; I will receive every 5 days the amount corresponding to one day of the ITN multiplied by five or I will receive only what I received at ITN every day but instead of being daily I will receive it every five days. I do not know if I explained well?
I hope your help, thanks and regards
(Excuse my English, it’s from the translator)

Hello @josma

You will receive 400 ada per epoche if the rewards would be the same as on the ITN.



Ok. Thank you :+1: :+1:

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Am I correct in my belief that my web-based Yoroi wallet will automatically be updated with mainnet Shelley code? I’m confused about what happens to my ITN Yoroi wallet vs. my regular Yoroi wallet… Will they BOTH be upgraded automatically? I have my seed word code for each, I’m just confused about how I get to mainnet Shelley from where I am. Please help explain all this.

After mainnet launches, you’ll be able to use your Yoroi ITN seed to transfer the ITN ADA earned to your Yoroi or Daedalus mainnet wallet.

Given the number of scams going around, be very careful about which site you use to collect these rewards.

You dont really need the ITN App/Plugin anymore, the seed from that wallet is the only thing you will need. After the 3rd August you will be able to use that seed(from the ITN wallet) on the Mainnet Yoroi Plugin and restore your rewards.

Yoroi will be updated automaticly. I hope you will understand what i mean, if not feel free to ask again. :slight_smile:


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Thank you!

Thanks so much, that helps.

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You are welcome! If you got any futher question feel free to make a new thread and ask there :slight_smile:

Hi, I believe you said earlier that my Yoroi wallet on Chrome would automatically be updated. The message I am seeing with my Yoroi wallet says that I still have to upgrade to the Shelley version. I’m confused.

What do I need to do to:

  1. Establish my Shelley Yoroi wallet., and
  2. Claim my ITN rewards in that Shelley Yoroi wallet?

Hi @Doodle!

You need to install the Shelley version. Then you can restore your ITN wallet with the seed words.

Any news on the status of the Yoroi Shelley update?

Here you go

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Thanks for the quick response! Hang in there - looking forward to the updated Yoroi.

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OK, I’m on Chrome and am trying to restore my ADA to the new wallet I have just created (today).

I have successfully restored and transferred my original Byron mainnet Byron ADA balance to my NEW wallet but have not restored my Bryon testnet staking rewards.
What do I do now? Trying to restore my testnet reward gives me a message that that wallet is empty.

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You cant restore your ITN reward wallet on Yoroi right now. Use Daedalus or Adalite for that.

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Will this be available later for Yoroi? Soon? It does not make sense to have to create a different kind of wallet to get my staking rewards.

Yes it will come probably with the next update.

I am having exact same issue. How did you fix this? Have you recovered your ITN rewards yet?

If you just read the thread you’d have the answer already.