Major announcement on cardano roadmap

Major announcement in 12 days. What do you think it is?

Charles mentioned this announcement was coming a few weeks back. I think it was going to be wallet (or maybe it was exchange) related with some partner. Im guessing it may be a light wallet.

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New independent wallet. That’s it.


I hope a partnership with a major world wide company !


Yes! I’m hoping for major partnership aswell

Here’s what the evidence says:

  • @vantuz-subhuman is right, it’s a new wallet implementation.
    • At least a desktop wallet, as it can be used as a replacement for Daedalus.
    • Built on the new Rust library called “Prometheus”.
    • It’s not implied that any mobile wallets are included in this release.
    • Also not implied that the wallet is a Google Chrome extension.
    • It’s not clear if the wallet will have Ledger support on release, but it will probably get Ledger support before Daedalus.
  • Not a Google partnership.
  • Not the Coinbase listing.

Sources (URLs are removed because I’m a new user, same post is here with links):

  • IOHK | Charles Hoskinson - Cardano Update 2018-07-19 (Singapore)
    • 3:36 - Prometheus - “[…] it’s gonna be put into a product that we’ll be making an announcement come August 15th. So I won’t spoil that announcement, but it’s gonna be a pretty cool product and I think you guys are gonna be very very happy with it and if you’re having issues with Daedalus, I think this new product is probably a good solution for you guys.”
    • 18:36 - “Now. One last thing, Ledger support, […] We have some new address structures which are much more concise and we have a new HD wallet scheme that’s rolling out soon. The first product to support that will not be Daedalus, you’ll see something soon that will have something interesting about that and it’ll be backported into Daedalus. […] In any event, this new product will probably – because of its architecture and its nature – be able to use Ledger before Daedalus can.”
  • Surprise AMA with Charles - 1:44:03 - “[…] we kind of built a parallel track of code and we’ve written out a Rust library and we’ve… I can’t spoil the surprise, but come August there’s gonna be something announced that’s awesome for the light client, the mobile client and ATM-type client, so look out for that.”
  • Charles Hoskinson Discussing Cardano, ETC, ZenCash and the Cryptocurrency Industry as Whole! - 58:29 - Prometheus, the portable and performant Cardano library written in Rust, is coming out in September.
  • Surprise AMA with Charles - 0:51 and IOHK | Symphony of Blockchains Meetup in London - 53:24 - There won’t be a Google partnership. There are a bunch of cryptocurrency nerds and open-source enthusiasts at Google, Charles did an AMA with them. That’s all. Here’s the transcript: If Google wanted to build a cryptocurrency, they’d to their own thing, they wouldn’t need Cardano or Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • Coinbase has clear requirements for a listing: Digital Asset Framework
    • Cardano has most of this covered, e.g. IOHK and their partners provide great transparency and have expert teams, Cardano had a clean ICO, good community and liquidity.
    • But there’s this: “Decentralization - The network is public, decentralized, and enables trustless consensus.” - Cardano won’t be decentralized until about 2019 Q1, so there won’t be a listing at this time.

How about a browser based wallet or a partnership with MetaMask (highly unlikely).

It’s a Google Chrome extension product, probably a wallet (source).

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That would be cool. I use the MetaMask chrome extension all the time for Ethereum and Ethereum Tokens.