Maker-karma | Defi tools for content creators

Hi guys,

I want to take advance to introduce my project. I presented it to project catalyst fund 7 as “Defi Tools for content creators.”

The mission

The mission consists of helping the Creators get funds efficiently, distributing personal tokens/NFTs, and correlating the value of their brand to the value of the tokens. Besides, Subscribers participate in the creation process, investing in the creators, which they believe.

This strategy has two advantages, the creator can finance and incentivize his community, and the subscriber can invest and grow with his favorite content creator. On the other hand, if the content creator is not proficient, the token’s value will be zero, the same risk as any investment. (full article)

The goals reached in Jan-22

  • 40M / 100M of ENSO Tokens are available on SundaeSwap
  • The staking pool is online. KRM is online and available for all ADA hodlers

(read full update)

Other references

Gitlab wiki
Personal LinkedIn

It would be precious to me to have some feedback from the community.

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