Team Proposal - Ledger based file streaming and direct creator/fan economies and interaction with Platform

Name: Platform
Description: A ledger explorer and social music economy
GitHub: GitHub - WDYSWYEC/PLATFRM: A Blockchain-based solution and micro-economy for music creation, collaboration, distribution, and discovery.

For a long time I’ve been a small scale investor in ADA and a supporter of the Cardano blockchain. Ive been in the crypto space since 2018 and have seen the boom and bust in attention and innovation in the NFT space. The technology is great but it isn’t used to its full potential at the moment.

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to creating, collaborating, and releasing music. Many cogs and a LOT of inefficiency. The smallest cog of which is the creator. As an artist your content has to fit within a box or you have to play a certain game to get exposure.

In the end, two tangible paths revealed themselves. A free to use public side chain and explorer with storage chain interoperability, referenced file playback and social aspects. Also a web based Workstation tool to create,broadcast, mint and share files formatted for the protocol.

In order to begin solving the inefficiencies,the first thing that came to mind was ledger based tracks that function as smart contracts in which fans could stake tokens to boost an artist/songs visibility and rewarding them for such. The second thing that came to mind was on-chain streaming and file referencing. The model of which I discuss in more detail in the whitepaper below.

At this stage there is a lot to build and a lot of unasked questions to solve. If anyone is interested in building this as a team, exploring this more or investing and partnering please view the site and whitepaper.

We are looking for developers and supporters to help build and bring this project to fruition in the ecosystem.

Project scope: conceptualization, development and partnership
Paid or voluntary: Voluntary but equal equity in end product.