March was a whirlwind

Processing all the things that happened in March remains challenging, but here’s a brief summary of all the activities we undertook in this wonderful month. And the things that occurred in the ecosystem thanks to our assistance.

Thanks to the contacts and efforts of the LATAM community, a meeting has been arranged with the governor of Entre Ríos, a province in Argentina, to explore potential collaborations in the future with the Cardano Foundation. The governor was very pleased and made a post on LinkedIn about it.

The Argentine community met four times, hosting two “asados” (argentinian BBQ) with the BTC and ETH community to discuss matters, a dinner with the foundation, government members, and Cardano projects, and a breakfast with our entire community. It was simply a wonderful experience.

We conducted a livestream on the Cspot platform to discuss all the latest updates from the various Catalyst workshops we will be organizing around the world. The livestream was broadcasted in Spanish and featured the organizers from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a rich discussion on the future of Catalyst and Cardano. :es: :argentina: :colombia: :congo_kinshasa:

Of course, and as always, we also had several Town Hall meetings.