LATAM Community growing STRONG!

Lucas here, member of the LATAM Community. I am writing a short summary of our weekly LATAM Events in July :raised_hands:

This month we hosted 4 LATAM Events:

07/01: LATAM IDEAFEST F9: A special event where proposers shared their proposals with voters from Catalyst. This occasion we had 27 Proposals presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese. At All Time High, there were 64 attendees at the event.

07/14: How To Flag Proposals TownHall: In this TownHall we had an amazing step by step on how to flag catalyst assessments on your proposal, as well as an open discussion after that. Attendees at ATH: 35

07/21: Education in Cardano LATAM: In this meeting we discussed how we as a community can focus our efforts on spreading Cardano´s vision throughout the region, as well focusing on training Haskell and Plutus developers in the community. We also had a short tutorial on how to register your wallet for Catalyst. Attendees at ATH: 36

07/28 Balance & Health TownHall: We recognized that people in the community often tend to overwork and sacrifice a lot working here. That’s when we decided to host this event that surpassed all of our expectations. We had a great panel of specialists on mental health and had an open discussion. Without a doubt, it was a very special event. People from the community opened up and shared insights on their personal life, video was cutted short out of respect to the community. Attendees at ATH: 34

Next Thursday we are having a special event in English! So we invite everyone to attend!

We are having a special event to celebrate women in Cardano. We are even bringing Live Musicians! You Can’t Miss that

08/11 - 21:30 UTC:



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Thanks for sharing all of those online meetups :raised_hands:

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Well done summary for the month of July 2022 Lucas, cannot wait for this Thursday’s August 11th Women Empowering Woman program! I am certain many people will come. :heart_hands:

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