LATAM Community August Recap

Lucas here!, member of the LATAM Community. I am writing a short summary of our weekly LATAM Events in the month of August 2022.

This month we hosted 4 LATAM Events:

August 4th: We had a regular meeting discussing several relevant topics for the LATAM Community and Project Catalyst. ATH Attendance: 32

August 11th: We had a Special event to celebrate women, with lots of interesting Women bringing Value to Cardano. ATH Attendance: 42

August 18th: In this event we had Roberto Morano, Cofounder of Gimbalabs and creator of Dandelion. A key actor in Cardano┬┤s Education. ATH Attendance: 41

August 25th: We had a special Metaverse+ Youth Edition with the Konmalabz Team! People joined through Zoom, Metaverse & Youtube. ATH: 32

Awesome @Lucas_Mac :raised_hands: