October & November Activities as an Ambassador

October & November were filled with lots of activities, from my side here are some of the which I was a part of


Townhall Oct 13rd - 14 Attendees On this ocasion Matias Falcone joined us to speak about ALDEA DAO, the LatinAmerican DAO in Cardano

Townhall Oct 27 - 29 Attendees On this ocassion we had a Halloween theme Townhall and the CardanoFem Iniciative was pressented!

Townhall Nov 10th - 23 Attendees This special opportunity we had Fede Weill, Cofounder of TX Pipe a project which has been getting a lot of traction in the last few months between Developers.

Townhall Nov 24th - 14 Attendees This Townhall we talked about the recent announcents on the Cardano Summit & IO ScotFest

We also hosted some great Twitter Spaces.

Topics discussed were: Cardano Updates, Dreps, MBOs, Summit, Cardano Constitution, Catalyst & More!

Oct 10th with 155 Listeners

Nov 5th with 445 Listeners

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LATAM community strong as ever :muscle: