Mass Payment / Automatic Payments / API for Cardano

We are running a faucet site based on Cardano, but when we are processing automatic payments to users we get lots of failures and we have to resend the failed payment. We have other faucets with other Cryptos such as NEM, Bitcoin, Ripple - we had no issues at all whatsoever with their APIs and mass/automatic payments work smoothly.

Is it possible to refer us to a reliable way to process payments automatically with Cardano? How does Binance for instance send a Cardano withdrawal automatically without having failures?

Thanks for your help.

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Can anyone help please?

Looks like nobody here knows, you should probably contact IOHK or Emurgo, see their websites for details.

Hello @cryptosfaucets, I have sent you the appropriate email address as a private message to prevent email harvester bots from gathering it and sending tons of spam to it.

Thanks @RobJF for flagging it, these kinds of questions should not go unanswered.

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