Massive Party

So you are saying put up 300ADA and when ADA hit’s a $1 you will get your tattoo from a more descrete tattoo shop? Or are you saying you won’t be at the $1 party?

This could be something big may be we get charles to make also a tatoo.

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Count me in

Where will the party be? I am in! We all (especially those who bought at ATH) deserve this break.

Sorry buddy but I won’t be part of the 1usd party.

I will be part of the 300usd party, though :wink:

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:smile: A crypto currency party. :tada:
This is so cool :sunglasses:

I wonder if it will be a special party or same as every other big party? :thinking:

#WhenTaco for each guest?

I’m really amused how this thing is slowly evolving to something…unique. Guests fully tattooed with Cardano-related logos/symbols and possibly wallet QR addresses. Everyone has tacos on hand. Add Shelley’s portrait and outsiders can mistake it for a cult :smile:

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LOL! this is turning into a burning man type of party! Lets do it!

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Someone needs to get on to Charles…as we have the new roadmap nearly complete…time to fill him in!!

New blockchain project in the works: stable coin Tacoin (TACO) pegged to 1 taco. For keeping track of party food per person

Tahiti sounds nice!

Goguen will be out this year. Plutus playground is ready and waiting to prepare the Tacoin. I guess Rick from TCE will be honourary patron of the coin. One thing is for sure, this is going to be fun party. Tattoo room, taco kitchen… I’ll bring the Tabasco. No regrets!

We’ve hit 10 cents, gonna have a taco to celebrate.

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Count me in, I love a good party! You should plan to have it in Wyoming in the U.S., you could rent a bad### ranch and I bet you could get the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition involved in such a event.

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As we can see from the green lines of the loopty-loop smile indicator, a lot of people are in a good mood today. Some of us, including me, can now buy a better waterproof cardboard box to live in.


Hi everyone Thx for your replys.l am sorry l did not acknowledge but l was suspended for a month by katsamoto for trolling,flooding or something.

I’m down too. How old will we be? I might be 36

Well Francisco that depends on how many tokens you have and how the roadmap goes and the reception it gets from potential users.But l firmly believe if you look at the prices of other tokens in the dollars and ADA at 10 cents we must have a chance of achieving a $3-$5 token by 2023 and that’s conservative.