Melannie Duhon - Platform Statement

Do you have, at least 6 months, or more experience in Project Catalyst?


Describe the Community Roles in which you have participated at Project Catalyst (e.g. Voter, Proposer, PA, vPA, Challenge Team, etc.)

Voter, PA, CEO of a completed and funded Fund 8 proposal

What key ideas or issues would you like to champion as a representative at the Catalyst Circle?

Streamlining the feasibility and audit standards of proposals.

How do you intend to measure your engagement?

Office-hours - Minutes / Recording, Bi-Weekly Slots, Minutes logged / Key Takeaways
Prioritised Problems - Written & Presented at CC Meeting / TH & Key Takeaways
Working with Sub-circles Links/Summaries/Reports
Office Hours- Written

Is there anything else you would like voters to know as to why you would be a good fit for this seat on the Circle?

I had the opportunity to participate in Fund 9 as a PA. It was shocking how very little was in place to ensure that the proposals were legitimate projects with verifiable proposer information. Proof of humanity needs to be step 1. Not AFTER the community blindly votes for a project they’ve entrusted to PAs and VPAs that have also not been vetted to assess projects. There are so many opportunities to game the system and scam the community. Nine funding rounds have passed and I plan on running the numbers to tally the amount of money that’s been given out to projects that went no where.