Meld - a Layer 1 Funded as an ISPO on Cardano

Meld was initially funded through an ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering) on Cardano. While it may seem like a Layer 2 or a Sidechain of Cardano, it’s actually a Layer 1 . However, Cardano plays a crucial role in Meld’s journey, as it’s where the project was kickstarted.
How you ask ?
Meld created a Validator aka a Stake pool , People Delegated to it, the Meld Stake Pool kept all the ADA rewards, but in Exchange airdropped Meld tokens to the people who participated in Staking their ADAs !

Meld is built on four key pillars: the foundation, Meld Neobank, MeldX exchange, and Meld Digital.
It’s worth noting that Meld’s wallet currently supports Cardano, Avalanche, Ethereum, and the Meld chain, with plans for more blockchains in the future.

Why would you be interested in Meld, well, Imagine being able to borrow against assets like Apple or Tesla stock directly on the Meld protocol. This opens up new possibilities for investors and transforms the landscape of blockchain finance.

In conclusion, Meld’s journey into the RWA sector represents a significant step forward in blockchain innovation. As we witness the convergence of traditional finance and blockchain technology, Meld stands ready to empower users and unlock new financial opportunities.