Mempool Bytes full since mid 1/14/2022

Not really a flaw in the protocol, just in how (light) wallet apps use it – through a very small number of nodes.

Could happen to Daedalus, too, because all Daedalus instances connect to the IOHK nodes. It’s just that Daedalus is so shitty that it’s user base is small enough to not overwhelm the nodes.

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This is not true. Freeloaderz have no access at all to any kind of mempool. The only thing that happens, is that they submit transactions to a list of stake pools. The pools run a service called submit-api which allows submission of transactions from remote.

The pools also receive transactions from other relays which makes a mix of transactions (some from freeloaderz and some from other relays). As I already explained it does not matter which node is used for submitting a transaction.

And as others have said and as I said in my initial response, the problem (if there is a problem at all) is with the lite wallets. Besides wallet backends there never was an issue with mempools even if the network was congested, because there are over 3000 pools and each of them have at least 2 mempools (one on at least one relay and one on the block producing node).

Somehow it looks like you want to find a problem where there is none. And even worse: you want to make a useful service (freeloaderz), which helps everybody, to look like something bad when it is not.