Message with transaction

Is there an easy way for me to send a message attached to a transaction?

The command cardano-cli transaction build-raw --json-metadata-no-schema --metadata-json-file . . . lets you attach a message.The JSON needs to have an integer key, so something like {"674" : "my message"} would work, but the message needs to be fewer than 64 characters (unless you make it into an array of strings of up to 64 characters each).

EDIT: Please use the key 674. See the following messages in this thread for the rationale.

I believe allows you to attach a message to a transaction.

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@Tom_Stafford For now you can use for that yes. We recently created an own CIP-0020 especially for sending messages/comments/memos along with transactions. Take a look at those links:

So first, please show your support for this CIP on Github. Second, if you are going to attach the metadata-json on a cli transaction as @bwbush wrote above, please use the format specified in the CIP-0020 with metadatum label 674 and the messages in an array format.



@ATADA, thanks for alerting me to CIP-20. I gave it a thumbs-up on github. I’ve also switched to using this proposed standard in the token-blending service that I’m running: it’s nice to see the messages nicely presented in and

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hey, if you run a public service using this CIP, please send me a link so we can add you to the list of services who supports it. more is better. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the experimental token-blending service that is now using the CIP metadata standard and here is a related discussion on this forum. The service includes a thank-you or message explaining proper usage of the service in the metadata of the transactions it creates.