Mining ADA’s

I’m interested in mining ada’s

  1. Can I mine using desktop?
  2. Where would I start?
  3. Anything to help support the community.

It’s not minable.

You can stake your ada Q2 of 2018

It’s staking instead of mining, but you can still think staking as a special kind of mining.

When staking, maybe you will get reward and tx fee, just like bitcoin mining.

Staking is much different than bitcoin mining, when mining bitcoin your computer is running full tilt in it’s attempt to solve the cryptography the network issues as part of its difficulty algorithm, other computers are doing the same thing and its somewhat like a lottery but the computer (or pool) with the higher hashing ability will win more times than not.
Staking through Ouroboros technology will signal the network that your computer is eligible to build/validate the next block of information for the blockchain, Ouroboros elects eligible nodes to validate transactions, but the computer is not constantly running at full tilt (max) to be a part of the network validators.
If someone chose to stake their ADA after having mined bitcoin they would find that their hardware cost’s would be lower and energy consumption would drop dramatically compared to the day’s that they mined bitcoin.
All of the information concerning staking is found on the cardano website, additional information is found on, nothing is set in stone as of yet as testing is still underway, but cardano is really close to staking rewards and I hope to see alot of you miners throw in the towel and give up the hard work of mining and begin to transition to staking on the cutting edge POS that cardano is going to be offering.