Mining better than Staking?

After watching Philpa’s video , this is my conclusion :

Buying 520,692 ADA is just $22,389.756 dollars with the price at $0.043 only to get $3.76 daily by staking? I’m sorry but I only need to invest $1,800 dollars in a 3 GPU Mining Rig of AMD Radeon VII that yields $3.84 daily … for the time being mining is more profitable than staking with less money. Cardano ADA needs to compare its profitability with is closest competitor Mining. I’m comparing this ADA example with real crypto mining, please avoid comparing this example with FUTURE price of ADA, that is just daydreaming.


As the video says, it’s a thought experiment, with fictitious numbers and figures. You’re comparing your example to a fictitious situation from Philippe’s video (@philpa).
Since details on staking rewards are not yet disclosed or set in stone, I’d suggest waiting for the official documentation for best practice and/or making any kind of (secondary) simulations/assumptions.
Hope this helps.


Yes, you’re correct the reasonable profit for low risk long term invenstements is around between 5-12% per year.
Anything higher than that is speculation, unrealistic expectations and/or scams.

So, expecting 6-8% for Cardano minting is fine, and yes you probably can earn more /w mining. And what will cause this in free market? You will stick with mining, while others who invested a lot for long term they will be staking.
Tha’ts how this works. You cannot expect such an unrealistic profit because you wants minting.

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You make a fair point given the numbers you mention for starting up. However, I personally wouldn’t mine these days because of the carbon footprint involved, just as I wouldn’t trade oil. This is something which will only be exacerbated as the crypto economy moves towards mass adoption, as I doubt that many miners will exactly be using their profits to plant trees. Anyhow, each to their own.