Profit in 1 month

Good day.
On what profit of mining i can expect if i buy Cardano (ADA)?
For example, if I buy 1000 ADA - how much ADA i will have in 1 month and in 1 year? (on average)

That probably depends on other factors, such as the size of the staking pool you participate in relative to other staking pools, and what % of the entire staking pool you own. Plus there’s a bit of a luck factor.

Didn’t understand. Can you write some numbers?
For example i have best pool, i have 1000 ADA and i have always best luck. How much i will get in 1 month /

No one knows for sure right now. Incentives for staking are still being researched and finalized. Some say 9% the first year but that is a guess.

If you want to look into the procedure, here is some good information -

That’s what everyone is basing profit speculation on right now, and so that’s why there are no accurate predictions yet since no real world numbers have been seen to date. After Shelley is released, more data should help the predictive metrics give more certainty.

So if i want to receive PoS reward i only need some ADA on my online Daedalus wallet? Or i need to do something else? (choose pool and so on)

You have to stake your ADA to get rewards. Solo staking works but it is less profitable than joining a staking pool. Staking in a cold storage will be supported in the future.

You could calculate the approximate reward using (This tool is unofficial and the result is only an estimate).

Great calc! Thx!
Please tell me - how can i stake my ADA?

Realistically, Vladimir, 0. You can expect 0 profit.

Currently, no one could stake ADA. You have to wait till the Reward Era.

Many thanks!
Will stake be working in april?

It is hard to tell. The expected date should be at the end of 2018 Q2, which could be either May or June. I don’t expect they could ship it by the end of April.

Unless you’re holding a TON of ADA, I’d say this isn’t far from the truth.

Of course, I wasn’t trolling him.
With a measly 270$ worth of ADA, over a tiny arc of time like one month, well there’s really not much you can expect.

It raises a good question though, what is a ton of ADA, at what number do you think of going solo… 10,000, 50,000 100,000? I’m not sure whether this has been raised on another thread

I cannot vouch for the mathematical validity of this – I haven’t created it – but it may be a good yardstick. Basically, it is exceedingly difficult (by which I mean it doesn’t make much sense) to stake on your own unless you have a very large amount of ADA. :slight_smile:

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I would just like to know what truly is a big amount. Your graphic say <260k go to a pool. That doesn’t sit well with me. I think I’ll run the SL on the cloud. Google gives you three months free to do this. Will be nice to know the metrics… but we’ll have to wait until Q2.

Millions. Anything less than that would be better off trading for bigger gains.

Anything less than a number of millions then stick with a pool right? I think I’ll be going with a pool then :grinning:

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