Missing ada from lace wallet

I have staked around 6114 ada in multiple pools using lace wallet two days ago. right now my wallet showing i have only 1222 ada left in the bravo pool. I can’t find any other pools that i staked. it would be helpful if somebody can answer. 421bc3557a9621cd50c4a2d2b72448a6eccb09fb4456ced4ad66c6145e…

You might want to join the IOG discord channel and ask for help there : IOG's Technical Community


You can track all wallet activities on cardanoscan.io


I can see it is staked in 5 pools . but it is not displayed in my wallet.

perhaps a wallet resync wiill help; anyway if on cardanoscan.io the total ADA staked is ok then it is just a minor issue with lace


I restored the wallet and everything is good now…