Deadalus Delegating I can't see my ADA

Hi all,

Back in 2021 I delegated around 2300 ADA to a stake pool called Ada.Zone, I still see this pool in my Deadalus wallet, but its rank has dropped significantly to 497. When I click on the pool I don’t see a way to get my ADA back, in fact I don’t see anything that shows the balance of 2300 ADA, I only see the last reward that was paid out, which is sonly 8.5 ADA.

How do I undelegate from this pool and get my ADA back?

Thank you.

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There shouldn’t be any ADA to get back.

When delegating in Cardano, the ADA never leave your wallet. Delegation is just a registration on the blockchain, nothing more.

If ADA left your wallet then something else happened. Look at the transaction history, when they were transferred out. It definitely was not a regular Cardano delegation to a stake pool.

Well, that’s definitely not what I wanted to hear. The amount I sent from my wallet is 2300 ADA to this address:


I did not send coin to this wallet however, I clicked on the stake pool, and selected delegate then followed the steps there. So I’m very confused where it all went.


Delegating not meaning to send funds out of the wallet… ur funds should be inside ur wallet and u can check on

what steps did u follow in the past?

The steps to redelegate is:

  • open wallet
  • go to delegation section
  • choose a pool
  • click delegate and submit the transaction

Looks like the funds are inside the wallet and the rewards are ready to be claimed

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Hi Alex,

So, on the Deadalus application which I have installed on my MAC, I went to the Stake Pools and selected a pool after reading up on it as it had a decent rank. Then I selected the pool and clicked on delegate. Then I followed the prompts to specify how much to delegate.

On this wallet, I don’t see my whole balance though. The information you posted in that link, you’re saying that’s what’s in my wallet? How come I can’t see it in Deadalus though?

Thank you.

Ok, copy one address from daedalus (receive section) and paste it on
Is the balance ok? If yes probably its a sync issue and u will need to resync it (the wallet)
Should be your wallet because I don’t see any other transaction aside from the delegation one

Okay. I don’t completely understand.

In May 2021, 2300 ADA were sent to that address:

They came from this wallet:
Is that yours? (But it doesn’t look like a Daedalus wallet, since it only uses a single address.)

That’s not how delegation works in Cardano. You never have to select how much to delegate, since you always delegate the whole wallet/account (while the ADA stay under your control, so that’s not a risk).

This cannot have been inside Daedalus. Daedalus does not ask such a question.

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Ok, so I copied at least three different addresses from the receive section of Deadalus and they all come back with 0 balance.

Can u share one address here? Perhaps u moved to another wallet…?
Did u send or not the funds to that address, and if yes from where did u copy it?
@HeptaSean has right… u can’t choose how much amount to delegate…

Sure, here’s one address from the receive tab in deadalus:


Yeah, meantime I found it

You sent 2 transactions… 2300 and 16 ADA
Are u sure is not another wallet? The funds not moved so… not looking like a scam… but I don’t know who own that wallet

Yep, that’s the one I linked here:

Still doesn’t look like Daedalus to me.

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I see more transactions to smart contracts wallet… could be an eternl, nami wallet?

Yeah that balance I can see in my Deadalus wallet with 8.86 ADA, but I’m not seeing the larger amount of 2300. The address that HeptaSean posted has the same balance of 8.86… ADA, I can’t find that exact address in Deadalus though.

U must remember what u did in the past
Because u sent 2 transactions not only one…

Daedalus hides the stake address somewhere. The address addr1qy87cp0nqyc9nv380nat8neckjtuk0p6lvw6lq7u3a4wnrhh2edqlvv2d92zy2wfc668s5a2vmhwxmc6hzpvz8a5yvrqaem60z should be under used receive addresses.

So this link has the entire transaction including the stake pool where it went:

so I guess if the amount of 2300 never left my wallet, where did it go? Or if I sent the ADA to this pool, although it sounds like that wouldn’t be possible, how do I get it back or resynch so that I can see it again.

Is it possible to stop delegating to that specific pool?


Yes this is the “from” address in my Deadalus wallet that the transaction took place.

I’m sure u have 2 wallets

  • one (Daedalus) with 2316+ rewards for which u must find the seed words and restore it (delegated to bloom)
  • 2nd (not DAEDALUS) with a small amount perhaps used for other stuff (delegated to ADA ZONE [ZONE])

Do you see more than one wallet in the wallet selection on the left of Daedalus?

Whatever you did, it has nothing to do with delegation and undelegating won’t help.