Deadalus Delegating I can't see my ADA

I’m going to do some digging and try to remember what I did exactly.

Thank you both for your help so far.

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Thing is: Beginning of 2021, we didn’t have smart contracts. And Eternl and Nami also weren’t such a big thing back then.

Which single-address wallet did even exist, then? Atomic? Exodus?

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For me it looks like you used another wallet app with the wallet that you now have restored in Daedalus. And you also delegated to ADA Zone from that other wallet app.

Then, you decided to switch, first send 16 ADA as a test, and then everything else to another wallet (which looks more like it is a Daedalus wallet). And you delegated that wallet to Bloom.

Try to remember and try to find the second seed phrase.

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Hey everyone,

I just thought I’d provide an update on this.

I went through the restore process using my recovery word list and now I can see all the ADA I’ve always had, including the awards from my the ADA being staked. I don’t know why it all disappeared from the original wallet, because it only showed a balance of 8.6 ADA. But I can see it all now after restoring.

Thank you all for your help on this.


sync issues?

Hi Alexd1985.
I have be delegating to Genius X2 and i not more after i can not see my full ADA. It show 0 ADA and after it show 100. Now it show another but not the tight one . But i have more. It is the only restore process using my recovery word.

If i go to then i can see the all ADA.
Hobe you can help me.


Be careful for scams, report any private message pretending is from support …

You should go to settings and check if u have something like re-sync wallet… btw is it daedalus?


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Hi AlexD1985.
I just got contacted by someone who sent me to a support page. But I was careful. But did you send my receive address. But started saying I should link to him. I then jump from there. It is dangerous for them to react so quickly. I can see the chat message, there is nothing more, I assume you have removed it so no one else falls into that trap

it is Yoroi

I just found the one I’m trying

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I saw someone tried to contact u so I blocked/deleted the account :slight_smile:
On yoroi its easy… settings → re-sync wallet


Thanks have nice day. I get i work

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