Mistake in my transaction history help

I sent 10 ada from my yoroi wallet yesterday
But in the transaction history its saying at total of 383 was sent, when i only sent 10,
My yoroi wallet has the right amount of coins in it
But it has made my accointing account show a missing 377 coins
Same as when i search my address in cardano explorer

Below is the transaction


because u didn’t had any address with 10ADA u:

  • sent 6.656634 ₳ from one address and 377 from other address = ~ 383. 656634 656634
  • received back the differences to another address (same wallet) 383. 656634 - 10 ₳ - 0,2₳ = 373.482333 (if u check inside the transaction you will see 10ADA to one addresss and 373 ADA to one of your wallet address)

PS: it’s like you need to pay 10$ product but you have only one 20$ bank-note … you will give 20$ and you will receive back 10$ (the rest until 20$)

If you did not intend to have two outputs and and send the remainder of balance back to yourself then this might be a bug in Yoroi.

Nope, u will pay only one single transaction fee ~0,2ADA

let me search for the yoroi utxo video where the process is explained

Here it is

Nevermind, transaction fees only scale with byte size and minAda can be refunded for intra-wallet transactions. So without any tokens besides ADA and sending to yourself it should be fixed fee around 0.17 regardless of the amount.