Mistakenly sent ADA to address=walletId

Hello everyone!

Using Cardano Wallet API (cardano-sl repo), a mistake has been done: we sent a significant amount of ADA to walletId instead of an actual address generated by that wallet. Due to walletId’s format (base58) it passes the address validation, and therefore goes through (too) easily.

Is is somehow possible to access those funds that are owned by that address, which happens to be equal to our walletId?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m almost sure that you can’t recover those funds but since I don’t know exactly how the walletid is generated (it looks like it’s just a hash of the public key) I’m trying to get another opinion.

I don’t think there’s much of a chance. Do you want to share a tx id?


Thanks for you reply.

Here is the tx id: c878a50a409a045e462952e0b99f64324d81239bb2f481283bb4b30a8e8fb7a3

The Ae2td… address is actually a wallet_id.

If the address is generated from a public key for which you own the private key to, you should be able to recover the funds.

Probably you can do this by using the Cardano WASM bindings to get the private key and then sign a transaction with it. The blockchain doesn’t care what derivation level the key-pair is for.


Thank you very much!

I’ll try using js-cardano-wasm as you suggested.

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Best to just consume the NPM package

Here is an example you can run online https://repl.it/repls/IndolentWarmheartedDehardwarization