API to find transactions/balance by private key

If I restore my wallet from a seed phrase into a wallet app like Daedalus/Yoroi, from that seed phrase, the wallet app can look up my ADA balance and report it to me. I’m looking for an API to do the same thing without having to first load the seed phrase into a wallet app. What process do they perform to do this?

I have my seed phrase “apple banana orange…” and/or my root private key in root_xsk… format, and I have the cardano-address tool and a local node I can query.

Following the steps here: GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-addresses: Addresses and mnemonic manipulation & derivations

I see how to use cardano-address to do various things with that root private key, such as generate a payment verification key (addr_xvk…) and a a payment address (addr1vy…), etc.

Next I want to call some API on a node that can help me find if the address has been used for transactions or not. But all of the API’s I’m seeing expect a 40-digit “walletId” and I don’t know how to generate that. I also tried explorer.cardano.org but couldn’t figure out what type of address it is expecting.

I’m not sure where to go from here. I assume that generating a new payment address and looking that up isn’t going to help because that address won’t have been used yet.