Ada on explorer but forgot which wallet!

ada is showing in explorer but i forget which wallet it is in!
Is it possible to find out which wallet it is in from the cardano explorer transaction?
Or, any other method available as my ada is showing in the ada explorer.

Cardanoscan will show you the stake address for the address, but more cannot be deduced from just looking at the blockchain.

You will have to restore/import all seed phrases that you have into a wallet app and look if for one of them addresses and/or balance match.

Thank you HeptaSean, was hoping there would be an easier way!

No, not easier.

Deducing the stake key from the seed phrase is quite fast. I’ve done that in a script.

But that wouldn’t help that much, since you would still have to give all the seed phrases you know to such a script and that’s the more annoying part, I think.

How do you do that?

If you can read some Python, the gist of it is in this module:

In the docstring of each of the functions, there’s also a link to the relevant specification document.

If you are interested, I could explain more.

If it’s more from a user perspective: I use this module in PySeedRecvoer:

It’s meant to find the correct seed phrase if you are missing a word or made a typo or something like that. But if you call it with a complete and correct seed phrase and no options to search for something else, it will also just derive the stake key for you:

$ seedrecover ladder long kangaroo inherit unknown prize else second enter addict mystery valve riot attitude area blind fabric symbol skill sunset goose shock gasp grape 2> /dev/null
stake1u9t04dtwptk5776eluj6ruyd782k66npnf55tdrp6dvwnzs24r8yq: ladder long kangaroo inherit unknown prize else second enter addict mystery valve riot attitude area blind fabric symbol skill sunset goose shock gasp grape

This is a little over my head HeptaSean to be sure. The thing is, i have my passwords for all my nano’s and i have reset them all with no problems, the issue is that i’ve put the ada somewhere else on some other piece of software/wallet and that’s what i cannot remember. I’ve been checking all the apps on my phone but cannot see them anywhere! It is a worry.
Thank you for your help and messages.

Sorry! Always hard to tell from the first few messages on the forum, how much detail is the right amount.

(Heads up first: Never input the seed phrase of a Nano on a computer. It defeats the purpose of a hardware wallet. Wallet apps do not have the possibility to use those seed phrases implemented, but attackers can write a little piece of software and then do not even need the hardware device, but can get access in seconds if they have the seed phrase.)

Possibilities, where the missing wallet could be:

  • Passphrase wallet on the Ledger: If you have used that functionality on one of your Nanos, there are second (and maybe third) wallets that you cannot see, when connecting it normally. If you have used that you will hopefully at least darkly remember it. You would need the passphrase used to secure the second/hidden wallet to set it up again on a Ledger after a reset. In contrast to seed phrases, small typos matter and open a totally different wallet. One passphrase can be attached to a second PIN, so that you do not have to do the cumbersome input on the Ledger everytime, but just choose by giving it another PIN on startup.
  • Multiple accounts: All better wallet apps (ccvault, Typhon, Adalite, …) allow to open additional accounts with separate balance, separate stake address, separate receive addresses, … from the same hardware wallet or seed phrase. You will only see these additional accounts after opening/adding them explicitly. Where exactly that button is, depends on the wallet app used. They always open the additional accounts in the same order, so adding one or two in addition to the main account should be enough to check if something is in there.
  • As you are already trying to remember: You perhaps have used a software seed phrase wallet in addition to your Nanos at some point. May be a seed phrase that you have lying around somewhere, but may also be that you have not followed the heads up above and (accidentally) used a seed phrase of one of the Nanos in a wallet app directly. Then, it is not connected to the Nano, but a totally different software wallet. (To check that possibility, you would unfortunately have to ignore the heads up again and input the Nano seed phrases into a wallet app.)

You said that you can see the wallet you are missing in the explorer. Perhaps, it helps if you look at the transactions, especially the very first transactions, to remember, when and with which wallet app you have used that wallet for the first time. ( is used by most people, gives a bit more information than and has a friendlier design, plastered with ads, though.)

Also: For systematically checking such things, is maybe the best suited wallet app, because it does not save the opened wallet. After logging out, it has forgotten everything and you would have to give the seed phrase or connect the Ledger again, to open the same or another wallet. With all the other wallet apps, you will end up with a very long list of wallets you tried, most of them empty. Sure you can just delete them again, but Adalite is somehow build for something like that.

Thank you so very much for all your work on this, great advice and information. I will keep working at it and let you know when/if i find it and how.
Kind regards