Mobile vs. browser extension Yoroi

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I first downloaded the Yoroi mobile app on my phone. After that I downloaded the extension on a different device because I thought it was easier to copy the address to receive money. The second device shows a balance (the extension) where I used the 15 word recovery phrase to get on second device. Where as the original device the mobile app shows a zero balance. How is this possible? And what do I need to do to fix that. Sorry I am new to the community anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Did you restore your wallet with your seedphrase on your computer device or did you create a new wallet?

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In addition to what Zyoroxa mentioned, it could be that one of your devices is not synced properly.

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Thanks for the responses. It looks like it just worked itself out on its own. I did not do anything but did show up on both devices. But, I used the 15 word recovery phrase on the desktop. I did not create a new wallet. But, there was a delay in balance showing on mobile device. I didnt do anything but eventually fixed itself.

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Yeah could be due syncing issues :slight_smile: