Unable to restore wallet on mobile


I have two wallets set up using the firefox extension. I have downloaded the Yoroi app on android and have attempted to restore my wallet using 15 word phrase, however both wallet show up as empty and the account checksum does not match the one on the firefox extension. The second wallet I set up today in which I screenshotted the 15 word pass phrase and have written it down on paper. And while trying to add this to the mobile app, the account checksum again does not match.

Open yoroi app:

  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore wallet using 15 seed words

Hi Alex,

Thanks for quick reply but this is exactly what I did, however the account checksum does not match and if I continue anyways the wallets are empty.

I have just restored my wallet to another computer but still not able to do so on the mobile version. It just occurred to me, is ergo coin supported on the yoroi mobile version?

good question… try to contact the yoroi support team