HELP! Problem with restoring ERGO yoroi wallet on app from the browser extension

I recently opened up a yoroi ergo wallet on the chrome extension and have entered the same recovery phrase multiple times on the yoroi app and it is coming up with a completely different wallet. Initially i thought I had entered a wrong recovery phrase so opened up a new wallet and tried again but the same problem occurred. It worked fine with the cardano wallet but just doesnt seem to link the ERGO wallet. Any ideas? thanks in advance


What do you mean by having a completely different wallet? Different balance?

Hello @sam_allen and welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure if I understood this correctly, but please note:

  • The slightest change in the mnemonic (secret words) will trigger the creation of a new wallet.

  • The mnemonic of an ERGO wallet is not interchangeable with the mnemonic of an ADA wallet.

I am sorry this is happening.

Hi thank you for replying,

I have even tried scanning the QR code from the online ergo wallet to restore it on the app but it comes up with a message saying it ‘does not seem to have a valid public key’. This happened again when I tried with a second ERGO wallet as well. the ADA wallets are fine though.

Sorry no I mean, it is automatically creating a new wallet as it doesn’t recognise the recovery phrase on the app so it just opens up a new wallet automatically i believe. I believe its a problem with the public key as that is the message that comes up on my phone when i scan the QR code as well. The ADA wallets are fine though its just the ERGO that wont open on the app.

Do you have link to the online Ergo wallet? And what app are you using?

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@laplasz Im using the yoroi wallet app and then the yoroi chrome extension.


There is no such feature in Yoroi to recover/import your wallet by QR code.
Instead - are you scanning your receiving address at receiving tab?

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You can export the wallet and scan a QR code on the chrome extension for ‘read only’ on the phone app but even this does not work. I guess what im asking is it is saying it does not have a valid puiblic key so how can i sort this out?

Ahh, ok export… thanks for the clarification. strange - so is there any fund on the new wallet what you just recovered in YOROI browser extension?

Hey there, nice to meet you all.

I have the exact same problem, i can see my wallet on google chrome extension but i can’t recover the wallet on my Yoroi app. It’s like we can just recover ADA wallet but not ERG wallet, on the mobile app. Are there any solutions?

Did you found a solution?

No I couldn’t find a solution, I’m just assuming Yoroi doesn’t support the ergo wallet on the mobile app


Yeah, i was talking with another ERG investor, he told me the same thing. Just keep them on desktop. Thanks a lot anyway! :slight_smile:

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No worries. I don’t mind having it just on desktop but was worried about losing the account if the recovery phrase doesn’t work on the Mobile app. So hopefully it works on the desktop if ever need it lol