Ergo Wallet Sync Error on Yorio web extensions

To whom it may concern.

I believe there is an error in the Yorio’s latest push. It appears that it is not quite encoding the public key correctly somewhere along the way. I receive the following information when I attempt to sync or send to an address.

[2021-05-26T20:17:23-05:00] ErgoApi::refreshTransactions error: {
“stack”: "Error: addressToKind failed to parse address type Error:
public_key_here attached_footer

It would appear that there is an extra space. The public key that is recovered or attempts to sync is valid and has the correct balance when check elsewhere.

I think it’s doing the same thing when you try to send Ergo, it doesn’t recognize the public address for the same reason above.

It looks like others are having the same problem.

Please advise.


I’ve got the same issue but it only happens with the wallet that I have funds on it, Any suggestion to solve this problem?
Thank you.


Same story here. Unable to sync my wallet where funds are on it.
I tried with another computer ( install Chrome web plugin ) → NOK
I tried to restore my wallet → NOK

If someone knows how to resolve the issue, help will be very appreciated.



I also try with another web browser ( FireFox … same issue … )


I’m also having the same problem. Ergo blockchain reflects the balance correctly however Yorroi wallet fails to sync.


Yes, I hope that’s a temporary issue.
I think that we cannot do something on our side.
Just wait a reply or a dev troubleshoot … and re-sync again.
I think it’s started yesterday night for me ( CET )

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it’s working for me now. ( chrome & FireFox )


There was a bug in the 4.5.2 commit that affect Chrome & Firefox.
This has now been patched in 4.5.3:

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