Potential Yoroi Wallet Bug to Resolve

Dear Cardano Community,
I first want to say congrats to the team on the release of the Yoroi wallet. I would also, however, like to bring to light a bug potentially not yet found. Playing around with the wallet I found that when I was logged into my wallet on 2 separate computers at the same time there is some issue with syncing and the accuracy of information displayed.

Both wallets synced to properly display the payments sent to my wallet. When I went to send a transaction on one computer, however, the other computer synced with the wrong amount sent from the transaction and applied that wrong amount to my overall account balance (only on that computer, the other computer still had the correct account balance). So though the 2 computers were signed into the same web wallet, they displayed completely different information with regard to the transactions and balance. I did it again and at this point the correct wallet display showed the correct balance of 11 while the other dropped to 0 with the wrong amount sent being recorded in the log again. I sent another transaction just to see what would happen and the incorrect wallet refused to recognize the transaction and the balance remained at 0 ADA. I did try the magical tech trick of closing both wallets and opening them but the issue persisted.

For more info on this issue just let me know. I just wanted to put this on your radar in case it was still undiscovered. Once again though I do like the wallet and congrats on the first release, well done!
All the best,


Good work @rgallagher12,

The following is for the community at large:

Note, your Ada is 100% safe, this is a synchronization issue and is only applicable if you have your Yoroi wallet open, running, multiple places.

As of now, to avoid this issue do not have multiple Yoroi wallets open, simple as that.

Why is this happening? Yoroi synchronizes, delivers your data to your wallet, any wallet that is yours and open, once delivered Yoroi marks the job as done, data is not sent again, helping to make Yoroi blazing fast.

Not 100% accurate but this is a clean way to look at what is happening.

How to sync a Yoroi wallet if you discover data missing in your wallet because you inadvertently had Yoroi running multiple times.

Note, you must have your 15-word phrase to restore Yoroi before proceeding:

  1. Remove the Yoroi extension from the out of sync wallet, Chrome > Windows > Extensions
  2. Close and open Chrome, install https://yoroiwallet.com extension again.
  3. Restore your wallet with your 15-word phrase and all will be well with the world, well at least Yoroi will.


Did you notice how fast it is to restore a Yoroi wallet, crazy fast, isn’t it.


Very good job! That is very interesting to look at in my opinion

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If you want to have some Yoroi fun, open two instances and go into Receive on both.

In one wallet press “Generate a new address,” notice Yoroi delivers a new address, but what about the second wallet? Why did it not deliver that new receive address to it?

Because the second wallet has not asked for it, do so now in the second wallet, press “Generate new address” and Yoroi will deliver you the exact same receive address as in the first wallet. By pressing “Generate a new address,” Yoroi is either generating a new address or delivering it.

End fun.

Added, as @SebastienGllmt points out below, all lower math happens on the computer running Chrome and nowhere else.


Cool I will try

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good insight!! appreicate it!! :slight_smile:

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The cryptographic primitives all happen on your local computer not on our servers :slight_smile:


Translation, the computer with the Yoroi Chrome extension does some math, like encrypting Yoroi’s send, requiring a password before sending Ada out, and not in the “cloud” aka “our servers.”